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Infamous video gone viral showing Idema waterboarding suspected Al Qaeda members in an effort to find Bin Laden at his private prison in Afghanistan.

Recently on the Leftist blog Invictus with strong ties to the neo-Communist DAILY KOS, the charge is made that Jack Idema was employed by the U.S. Government as its "Torturer In Chief" in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2004.



The following video was posted at both and You Tube, and provides "a glimpse of what went on during interrogations of [Afghan] insurgents by Jonathan Idema," who worked in conjunction with NATO forces in Afghanistan "counterterror" operations.

Idema is a controversial figure. He was arrested by Afghan authorities in July 2004 in Kabul, where according to a New York Times report, he had been holding eight men prisoner. Some of these men "said they were kicked and beaten, had scalding water poured on them, and had their heads repeatedly dunked in a bucket of water." Idema was pardoned by Afghan President Karzai in March 2007. He had claimed all along that he was working at the behest of U.S. authorities. The U.S. denied this, though admittedly he did work with international forces on counterterrorism operations.

In a well-documented examination of his career at Wikipedia, Idema's connections with U.S. Special Forces is dissected. Idema's various disgraces and problems with the military never kept him from working at various times with U.S. Special Forces, and interestingly, he has been connected to private contracting firms associated with the "war on terror," including Star America Aviation Company, Ltd. (SAAC).

One of the latter company's executives is retired Major General Jack Holbein, a former leading commander at U.S. Special Forces Command. SAAC is linked to a shell company, Isabeau Dakota, Inc., that listed Idema's father as president and sole officer, in that both are registered as corporations by the same individual, William L. London, who appears to be an attorney in Sanford, North Carolina. There is some evidence, given the connections noted in his Wikipedia entry, that Idema served as an off-the-record asset or operative of U.S. Special Forces.

Major General Holbein was listed in the 2008 Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) report on detainee abuse (large PDF) as one of the recipients of the Defense Department's interrogation-torture proposal developed by James Mitchell and John "Bruce" Jessen at Joint Personnel Services Agency (JPRA). Holbein was then Chief of Staff at U.S. Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), and JPRA was under command authority of JFCOM at that time. The implication of the SASC report is that Holbein and others helped send the torture proposal up the chain of command.

JFCOM was disbanded last August, "the first time a Defense Department combatant command has been dissolved" one news account explained. According to the article, by Hugh Lessig at The Daily Press:
The military is keeping the core mission of JFCOM: training the military to operate and fight together. But instead of maintaining a separate four-star command and all the overhead it entails, personnel will report directly to the Joint Staff.

The former JFCOM functions remaining in Hampton Roads include those related to joint training, developing new concepts and doctrine, experimentation and what the military calls "lessons learned."

There are problems with this latest Leftist theory:

(1) The U.S. Army in Afghanistan knew early on that Idema was an ex-con, bounty hunter, psychopath and a man consumed by greed for the $25 million reward for Osama bin Laden's capture.

(2) In fact, it was the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, with the knowledge and approval of the American authorities in that war torn country, who "washed their hands" and paved the way for his arrest, trial and imprisonment by the government of Afghanistan for running a private prison and torture chamber.

(3) Shortly after Idema was imprisoned he converted to Islam and turned traitor against America. The immediate result was to be moved to "luxury condo" in the prison with Internet/ satellite communication where for a price he provided his torture videos to Islamists, including the one above.

(4) As has been published on this blog, Idema created Isabeau Dakota, Inc. with Penny Alesi as president, as a front organization to do business legally in the United States, while keeping his corporate officers in the dark about what was really going on, especially in regards to the "Idema Building" in North Carolina.

(5) The connection between Isabeau Dakota, Inc. to Star Aviation, retired Major General Jack Holbein and Idema will be the subject of a future article on this blog. However, the bottom line to all Idema's relationships - business or personal - was to put dollars in his own private bank account by means of deception, lies and disinformation.

Clearly, with the publication of his article, which is racing around the Leftist Blogsphere at the speed of light that will no doubt be picked up by the Big Left Media propaganda organizations like The New York Times, an attempt is being to establish that a relationship under contract existed between Idema and the USA government to imprison and torture Afghans in order to discover the location of Osama bin Laden during 2001 to 2004.

The overwhelming evidence produced on this blog and elsewhere is that no such contract ever existed between Idema and the American government. This particular truth the Left ignores, because it doesn't fit their agenda against waterboarding and other forms of intense interrogation, is the obvious one that the U.S. Army feared Idema as a loose cannon who caused endless headaches with their covert operations and alliance with the people and government of Afghanistan to rid the country of Islamists.

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