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"He Tried To Assassinate Bill Clinton"

February 3, 1994
A retired U.S. Army officer in Florida has been accused of the attempted assassination of President Clinton.

Ronald Gene Barbour, 45, of Orlando is being held in the Seminole County jail in Sanford, Fla., after his indictment by a Federal grand jury in Orlando.

WUSA-TV in Washington reported today that Mr. Barbour was in the Washington area from Jan. 11 to Jan. 17 and intended to shoot Mr. Clinton during one of his morning runs on the Mall. Mr. Clinton was in Europe at the time. The station said the police in Florida found a handgun after they arrested Mr. Barbour....."
What did Ronbo do?

He tried to assassinate Bill Clinton.

So Ronbo is, in fact, Ron Barbour.

He is a traitor. He tried to assassinate Bill Clinton in 1994 while he was jogging. He spent over four years in federal prison. He was friends with John Pollard who spied for Israel when he was at FCI Butner, North Carolina in 1994 & 1995.The government took everything from him. He wants revenge. He worked for the National Security Agency (NSA), The Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) and U.S. Army Security Agency (USASA). He was part of a conspiracy to get Clinton with former friends still working in the Intelligence community. The Secret Service still watches him. He is still dangerous with a Secret Service "Class III" rating, the highest. Be careful what you say on this message board. Homeland Security is watching. He is proud of what he did! He posted these articles himself.

Exactly what was so great about Ronbo
that the ass flapper, and so-called former Soldier & defender of America just can't measure up to?....even while he's holding his favorite dildo like the Statue of Liberty holds her torch.

Actually he had guns and talked about assassinating Bill Clinton at a party and an informant ratted him out for $100K.

Now the public is stuck with a fake assassin.

Imagine if Pinko Lee Harvey Oswald had failed to pop JFKs coiffed melon and did a small stretch in the pokey.....He'd probably be here defending Castro right now.
"Fake Assasssin?"
According to the Judge, I was the Real McCoy.

In the present case, Barbour "was not just making idle threats." Hines, 26 F.3d at 1474. Less than two weeks prior to his threats, Barbour was in Washington, D.C., with one hundred rounds of ammunition, waiting to assassinate the President. He failed to carry out his plan only because the President never arrived where Barbour was waiting, and he returned home only after discovering the President was out of the country. Barbour never deviated from his plan to kill the President; he was just denied the opportunity. Thus, when Barbour made his threats after returning home, there was every reason to conclude that he intended to act on those threats and that he was likely to do so. Because the record supports the district court's determination that Barbour had evidenced an intent to carry out his threat, the six-level enhancement pursuant to U.S.S.G. § 2A6.1(b)(1) was properly applied.

I was just, "denied the opportunity."

The snitch incident in Orlando happened AFTER my return to Florida.

I realize my actions upset a couple of people close to Bill: Al Gore for one. After all, the guy that invented the Internet should at least be prez, and Hillary asked, "Where was Ronbo when I needed Vince Foster taken care of in 1993? They would never have found the body! Ronbo was a professional assassin."

I think the Secret Service finally gave up on me a couple of years ago, after being defeated time after time in their quest to lock me up until the Crack of Doom.

The little SS boys and girls were so keen about the game, I rather hated to tell them to bugger off -- or be prepared to take matters to another level.

They beat retreat. They don't make Secret Policemen like they used to...I was so know...High Noon and all that! Rats! I may live to die of natural causes after all. ain't right with me that some mentally disturbed dumbshit comes on this board or any other board boasting about attempting to shoot a us president...and i would feel the same way about anybody doing the same thing about Blair or any other democratically elected official. it just ain't how the system works....goddammit if the dude had any real sack he would go out and hit the lecture circuit, stand on a street corner with a sign, write letters to the editor or stand out front of the capitol building screaming at the whitehoose...but there ain't no godamn way some fruitcake is going to usurp MY rights in the democratic process just because he doesn't agree with the results or the process...he can buck up and do the same thing we all gotta do- stand tall and take it like a man, deal with it and work for a better tomorrow...i may be counting the days for the next administration to take over on Pennsyvania avenue, but i'll be a m-effer that someone takes my rights or anybody elses' rights away to participate and deal with the outcome of the decisions of the US democratic deeply flawed as this country is, this is still my country and i don't want to see my chances to effect change in the system taken away by this hard work as it may be...

After detailed analysis by a number of mental health professionals in 1994 contracted by the Secret Service, the conclusion was that the state of mental health of retired U.S. Army Sergeant Barbour was as good as that of his then Commander-In-Chief, Bill Clinton, and also that his I.Q. of 131 put him well ahead of the PUSA and most Democrats in terms of intelligence.

Kurt, he isn't a fake assassin, but a failed assassin. One does have to wonder what Rondo would do if Hillary Clinton is elected dictator-in-chief.

Or considering how Hilary is known to treat her SS agents, justice served would be for Rombo to be assigned as her personal and permanent chauffeur and errand boy - yet remaining unarmed amidst an otherwise rotating team of black suit body guards.

Wait a doggone minute! According to the Judge, old Ronbo was the man with the plan and in the right place at the right time, but the alleged "Plan" was never tested only because The Billy Goat was getting bjs in Russia by dark haired chorus girls in this winter of my discontent in 1994.

Therefore, one cannot be charged with the failure of something that never happened....except in a federal court lorded over by Democrat judges where the irrational and stupid becomes edicts and prison time.

Ronald, why do you hate freedom?

I stand for individual rights, laissez-faire capitalism and limited constitutional government.

In terms of political parties in the United States of America the Libertarian Party would come closest in ideology to my own; however, the Libertarian Party is quite small and has little chance, in the near future, of dominating the politics in the USA. Hence, I support the next best candidate, which is the Republican Party (GOP) that, at least in terms of rhetoric (and sometimes in practice) closely parallels my standards.

The Democratic Party is, in my humble opinion, a reactionary socialist machine that supports a highly centralized authoritarian government with limited civil rights and a heavily regulated approach to the economy.In regards to the terms conservative and liberal: In contemporary America a conservative is really a traditional
liberal, that is, one who stands for limited government, civil rights and a free market economy. In contrast, a contemporary American liberal is, in fact, a socialist, one who stands for a highly centralized government that seeks to impose its will upon all aspects of life in society. Another difference between liberals and conservatives in contemporary America is a matter of faith: Conservatives tend to believe in God and look upon government as a necessary evil; In contrast, the liberals believe that government can bring about perfection on earth, they believe in Man.

In terms of vocation, the conservatives tend to represent the majority in commerce, military and law enforcement. In contrast, the liberals represent the majority engaged in bureaucracy, the trade unions, environmentalists, teachers and the so-called civil rights movement.I think of myself as an American patriot. I would describe as a patriot anyone who loves his own country, but does not seek to impose his nation's will over that of another country. A patriot will fight like a lion in defense of his homeland, but will oppose the conquest of other nations. A patriot stands for free minds, free markets and a free exchange of ideas across international boundaries.

In marked contrast the nationalist is a chauvinist who believes that his nation's language and culture are superior to that of all other nations. The nationalist seeks to expand his nation's boundaries and influence in the world by force or the threat of force. The nationalist regards as weak men of reason, and thinks that little is to be gain by diplomacy. The classic nationalist comment was made by Bismarck, "The issue will only be determined by blood and iron."

I've been wanting to chat with Ronbo, I've always wanted a would be assassin to go along with my collection of weird freinds.

If I made it to Florida could we go hoist a few brews and talk of conspiracy stuff... in a public place of course, where I could make a run for it if you turned out to be a touchy feely

Your practically a political dissident, only a bit less normal. But no matter, you can't be any stranger than my other freinds, like the guy building the underground house out of shipping containers who keeps all his Gold and Silver there. He's from FLA too? Is it the water?

WTF are you talking about?

The Leftist Moonbats were the ones who sent Ronbo to prison!

It's not my fault you're too stupid to understand the facts of my case -- but to recap for the one thousandth time -- The Feds sent me up the river for an ALLEGED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON PRESIDENT CLINTON! The first major problem with this charge is the fact that no such attempt took place. DUH! Are you really that stupid? Show us all the video and the historial record. What? You got nothing.

You're just a typical dumbass Leftist Moonbat who believes in Global Warming!!!
So are you trying to tell us you weren't going to assassinate Clinton?

Otherwise you're just squabbling like an infantile malcontent holding up mudpies.

I am only reacting to comments made by other people who refuse to view my legal case thru the lense of objectivity for various reasons in regards to articles that were originally posted by a raving Moonbat by the name of "Cato The Younger" who knows me from another website and considers my "treason" part of his personal agenda.

Personally, I consider my case moot, as I appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court for redress without result, and so I have been given the title of, "The would-be assassin of President Clinton" by the federal government's best judges.

So I bow to reality.

However, since there exists so much material on the Internet concerning my case, I find nothing wrong which publishing the true facts about the "USA v. Barbour" all over the Internet as well and defending himself on this issue: I am not a potted plant to set still when I'm insulted by my intellectual inferiors.

I give it back as good as get, as noted Robert Young Peyton in a PM.

P.S. About the suicide canard in my case. The Secret Service went to vast trouble and expense to create a profile for an assassin, and being depressed and thinking of suicide is something you tag on anyone arrested for my offense. Once again, the mental health people found no such issue.

But speaking of suicide, I notice your handle was the name of the late jester of the King whose skull Hamlet spoke to in the graveyard scene. Hamlet, as we all know, is about assassination, revenge, depression and suicide. Why did you pick that as a handle? Are you thinking of taking the eternal dirt nap with a little help from Mr. Sam Colt?

"Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horaito..."

So are you trying to tell us you weren't going to assassinate Clinton? My take on the Ronbo situation. Seems pretty clear:

Ronbo was depressed. He wanted to do something drastic. He decided on a whim to go assassinate the president and/or suicide. It sounded like a solution, but since it was a whim it wasn't well researched. It turned out the president wasn't there on the day(s) of the supposed attempt. He prolly also had doubts himself over his actions; he did not stay and finish the job even though he had not been found out. He also never returned to do it although he certainly would have had the opportunity.

Later in a more stable mental condition he was able to weave the desperate act of a depressed person into a calculated/professional yet unsuccessful assassination attempt, all for his friends. And so right now, he prefers people view it as a real assassination attempt and not a suicidal delusion (for the coolness factor) but also wants to maintain that the court had sloppy evidence and shouldn't have gone to jail.

If his stance is therefore difficult to interpret, it is because he 1) wants people to believe he was capable of the act and was prepared to do it but 2) wants people to believe he shouldn't have gone to jail. He probably fears reprisals from various security and government people if he openly admits to waiting for the president, which is something he denied throughout the trial if I understand (and he probably did wait, but in a depressed delusional state, not in cold-killer form). This becomes more important as hilary clinton has entered the presidential race.

I have my doubts that Ronbo really even is Ronald Barbour. He used the picture of a dead tour guide with the name Ronald Barbour as his picture for his blog and then posted another fake picture of himself up in a message recently. Alot of BFC'ers have funny/fake pics as avatars and whatnot, but they do not claime to BE that person as Ronbo has.
Secondly, the real Ronald Barbour was depressed and suicidal. Ronbo has joined this forum and relished in being verbally bashed. He thrives on having the virutual shit kicked out of him on a web forum. A depressed and suicidal person has so little self esteem that this would not be characteristic of their wishes.

My personal opinion is that this is just some lonely guy who holds very twisted fascist ideology. In order to make this ideology seem more plausible to people who can only know as much about him as what he posts on the internet, he has projected these views into the little known historical figure of Ronald Barbour. There are thousands of guys who hold twisted views and sit in their trailers alone all day like Ronbo. And if they came on the BFC they would be largely ignored. However, if they projected themseleves into some sort of "character" they will be noticed.

Ronbo is just like that pizza faced little kid that gets dirt kicked in his scrawney ass every day at recess. So when he gets tired of being ignored and picked on he makes up a story that his dad works for the CIA and is a trained killer. Or insert whatever cool story you want to complete the metaphor.

It's the classic case of wanting to appear a bad guy (not a crazy/sad guy), but being unable to do so in order to keep up your legal/practical defense. I had many of the same situations in middle school, where I wanted people to know how I broke all the rules but had to maintain in front of teachers that I was innocent, while at the same time trying to convince my peers of the opposite.

Ronbo wrote: I am only reacting to comments made by other people.....

Yep, I noticed this too as did Mr.Eisner. And if you remember correctly it was me who first scolded the roaches in your defense for their petty squabbling and noise making, typical of the teenie-bopper crowd. Will somebody please tell Gregory that nobody cares what he thinks?
Meanwhile cousin, you might want to cool your heals on Aynnie Rynde styled justifications for bringing guns to the Bill Clinton hiking trail. Or if you're going to be reading Ayn Rand, then I suggest you temper your studies with Simone deBeauvoir. Just my personal opinion, you understand, but if it was me I'd also get a firm understanding of Russian Nihilist philosophy as well. This is coming to you from one who considers the monk Raputin to be easily the most dangerous alive in the 20th Century, seconded by Aleister Crowley - both ironically i might yet still consider to be kin to my own idea of the human fold. But my friends tell me I'm overly charitable towards the company I keep.

Otherwise trust me on this if you can, yours is the story that captures events at this time unlike any other. And the treatment you have received here honors your potential and does not diminish your capabilities. These are BLACK FLAG PROTOCOLS, for cryin out loud. And you are probly one of a dozen here who knows what that means at the highest level.

Quote: P.S. About the suicide canard in my case. The Secret Service went to vast trouble and expense to create a profile for an assassin, and being depressed and thinking of suicide is something you tag on anyone arrested for my offense. Once again, the mental health people found no such issue.

Yeah but you've gotta understand Sec.Service peeps have a rough job and their ranks can be bogged down with rookies inept/insecure at understanding how to read and respond to individual situations. Hence, the bulk of whatever jacket one acquires is often based on the mimickry and puppetry of fledglings caught up in producing the sort of work that is expected of them, and nothing more. The service was created in commemoration to Alex Hamilton in order to put ONE AGENCY above and beyond the reach of the Aaron Burr's in this world, you understand.

Meanwhile I have no doubt that you, Sgt.Ronbo, would also jump in front of a bullet aimed at somebody standing next to you. At Thelemic levels of intent - this is the choice we all must make! Shame and disgrace upon those who would hesitate for an instant.

Quote: I notice your handle was the name of the late jester of the King whose skull Hamlet spoke to in the graveyard scene. Hamlet, as we all know, is about assassination, revenge, depression and suicide. Why did you pick that as a handle?

Actually it was the death of yorick that signaled an *unstoppable* conspiracy was afoot. Lesser known fact, the work of the court jester is to sample each plate on the menue for poisons. Yet then with him gone, there were none left to protect the crown against toxins issued even through the king's cohorts, say while passing platters around the table.

Ronbo wrote: Are you thinking of taking the eternal dirt nap with a little help from Mr. Sam Colt?

(:lol:) if the play is staged correctly there will be a gaping hole in the back of yorick's skull, establishing the only timeframe accessible in the drama. As I have said, with
no yorick at the dining table the king was left without his most capable spiritual guardian in relaxed circumstances, the idiot savant.

Otherwise returning to the suicide venue, what could possibly cause poor yorick to blow his own brains out? The same as anybody else - a question of seeing one's life work destroyed, and feeling entirely abandoned by family and friends. And if nothing else, then perceived imminent threat at being dungeoned against his will is exactly what would lead to this. Cogliostro suffered a similar fate, wasting away with his talents denied to the world.

Quote: I have been given the title of, "The would-be assassin of President Clinton" by the federal government's best judges.
So I bow to reality.......
"Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horaito..."
Ah, but did you really know him well enough? And do you dare defeat the judgment that others have thrust upon you? Strange as it may seem, am godamned sticking dead to my bones that you are the best man qualified to drive the car that escorts Bill Clinton's foreign policy decisions into the next decade at least.

Yorick, for a clown you have learned much hanging around the King's table....
Speaking of things Kingly, I'll never forget my conversation with the head of Secret Service Intelligence who came twice to visit old Ronbo while he was held prisoner in the King's dungeon complete with aide-de-camps and video cameras in 1996. Like yourself, this chap was a very well read individual of great classical knowledge. And guess what? The gentleman's favorite play wa HAMLET!

Well, we forgot all about the nasty business about the Clinton affair, and launched into a very interesting discussion on HAMLET (I found out later he had an M.A. in Brit Lit)...I wish I could remember the complete lecture this scholar gave me on HAMLET, for example, he said the turning point of the play was when Prince Hamlet says to Horaito, "There's a divinity that shapes our ends, rough hew them as we will..."

In other words, Prince Hamlet understands that he will not kill the King until God Wills that he does so....which God did at the end of the play.

This Intel Guy also had a neat theory on Prince Hamlet's "madness" -- the key to understanding this is the fact that the Prince is an honorable man and a soldier. It is the soldier's code not to attack someone without first a warning. The "madness" of Prince Hamlet and the purpose of the "Play within the play" is to give King Claudius warning to be on guard against assassination, as well to expose to the People of Denmark the reason for this necessary murder.

Thus Prince Hamlet's soldier's code, although it does leave him dead at the end of the play, leads to his burial as a soldier and leaves the memory of an honorable man in Denmark.

So I suppose Prince Hamlet was the "Honorable Assassin."
Minority Opinion: Judge Webster, Senior Circuit Judge:

Seldom does this court see a case that cries out for redress than the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. BARBOUR, which is little more than a politically motivated witch hunt designed to silence a critic of President Clinton.

Consider the following facts that the majority ignores:

1. The information that Barbour had attempted to assassinate came from a confidential informant not trusted by law enforcement agencies because the information he provided to authorities was not reliable and used to settle personal disputes with others.

2. The agents discovered in the course of their investigation that Harris had produced a recording that was clearly illegal under federal and state statutes and should not have been admitted in court, because it lacked a chain of custody, but was allowed by the District Court based only on the testimony of Harris of its accuracy.

3. President Clinton was briefed by Ronald Noble, the current Director of the Secret Service, on or about February 4, 1994 concerning the arrest of Barbour for an assassination attempt. The repeated attempts made by Barbour to secure the minutes of his meeting between Clinton and Noble from the White House have been denied the citing National Security.

4. Barbour was denied his right to WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS for a period of two weeks --February 3, 1994 to February 17, 1994-- despite several attempts by Barbour to secure the attention of the federal judicary. It should be noted that the District Court later totally ignored a motion made by Barbour's attorney to have his client released from custody and all charges dismissed for this extremely serious violation of the U.S. Constitution.

5. The District Court ignored possible perjury on the part of Secret Service agents who first interviewed Barbour at the VA Clinic in Orlando. Barbour has tesified that he was not read his Miranda right to remain silent, and this testimony is supported by the Director of the VA Clinic in Orlando who overheard the conversation from another room. The agents also failed to record Barbour's alleged permission to answer questions or to obtain his signature on a waiver; yet both agents testified that they had these items available in their government vehicle.

The decision of the District Court could have been reversed by the majority Ciruit Court of Appeals on any of these grounds, which are gross violations by the government of a citizen's rights under the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments, violation of Writ of Habeas Corpus, and indications of a conspiracy to convict an innocent man that reaches into the highest office in the land.

In the words of Montesquieu, "There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice."

The Black Flag Cafe

The Real Story Of Clinton's Assassin

The United States of America v. Ronald Gene Barbour

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