Monday, November 21, 2011



@Special Agent G-Man of The U.S. Secret Service:
Done..My secretary has rescheduled our next meeting for xxxx at the xxxxx in beautiful xxxx, where the Johnny Reb (me) will be waiting in the middle of the river for Billy Yank (you) to trade talk for talk, as both sides have long realized that "firing" on lone sentries will not change the course of coming civil war battles.
Speaking of civil war and future battles, as I predicted in 2008, our grand & glorious leader OBAMA THE FIRST has started ruling by Executive Orders with a passion by recently making illegal aliens "legal" by his signature on a piece of worthless piece of paper. I said that he would do this if his party lost control in Congress, which it has in part.
Of course, this is high treason because it clearly goes against the immigration law enacted by Congress and came on the 150th anniversary of the first battle of the first U.S. Civil War in 1861. The House of Representatives now has a very obvious presidential crime to vote articles of impeachment. This will not happen because the majority Establishment Republicans are not revolutionists like the minority Radical Republican Tea Party Movement (TPM) who would ASAP if possible.
I hate to say it, but the predictions I made about Obama in late 2008 and early 2009 are coming true one by one. Then I was the object of laughter from both the Left and Right and called a sad clown. Today I'm called Cassandra and my critics hope the prediction I made about a Second U.S. Civil War in 2005 will not come true.
If you get a chance watch “THE RISE OF THE PLANET OF APES” that goes by the subtitle of “EVOLUTION BECOMES REVOLUTION” in which a small tribe of super apes take on the UBER Leftist Fatherland of San Francisco and kick some major human butt. These smart monkeys are created by the best liberal and most politically correct scientific minds in SF with the announced goal of finding a cure for Alzheimer. The experiment goes terribly wrong when a“Frankenstein” mother ape turns on her creators and wrecks the building to protect her baby.
This leads to the order to put down all the apes in the laboratory; however, one ape baby survives, grows to full ape hood and leads an ape revolution. This is allegory for the sudden rise of the revolutionary TPM “apes” who have been made “clever and dangerous” by years of Leftist “scientific experiments” that has created a leadership class of “Caesar Apes” in federal prisons and the U.S. Armed Forces to staff the almost inevitable revolution and civil war.
What I liked in particular about this movie was the last scene where the "ape disease" spreads all over the world. In the years since 1848 and the publication of the Communist Manifesto, a socialist nightmare has spread to the four corners of the world. Today in reaction, mankind's first real planet wide revolution is taking shape and growing daily before shocked reactionary socialist eyes beginning in America where "EVOLUTION BECOMES REVOLUTION."




lady di said...
Apes, Tea Party, Revolution, history always repeats itself
Ronbo said...
This was Nietzsche's theory of history - that it always repeated itself, a great and endless wheel. Also, the law of physcics, "for every action there will be an opposite and equal reaction."
christian soldier said...
I noticed - from your post below- the you label the Secret Service the SS too-- R- added your blog to my list a while ago- will be frequenting it --- Carol-CS
Ronbo said...
@Carol: The Federal Bureau of Investigation has long been called the FBI and the National Security Agency is the NSA, so it has been well established to call federal government agencies by their initials which in this case would the SS for the Secret Service. Furthermore, the American SS engages sorts of things as did the German SS - bodyguard and lackey of the Leadership Class, oppression of political opponents, creator and keeper of files on million of innocent Americans based purely on their politics.

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