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The quick-deed of the “Idema Building” on 450 Robeson Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina that Penny Alesi gave to William Hagler was the beginning of a side show that continues to this day.
Ms. Alesi never wanted this controversy that has landed in a North Carolina court and has attracted much local media attention and some national coverage. In early August, 2010 when Ms. Alesi escaped Idema white slavery in Mexico to the USA (She filed charges in Mexico against him on July 30, 2010 – the document is here), she made a good faith offer to settle out of court if Idema (1) Shipped to her all her personal belongings (2) Returned her “Mexican” cat she had named “Tinka.” (3) Repay the balance on the American Express card that Idema had gained by fraud in her name. Idema did nothing to settle his legal obligations to his former wife, which were extremely modest when compared to the trials that she went though in Mexico at the hands of man many would describe as a latter day Marquis De Sade, who took delight in the torture and sexual degradation as his prisoner at an isolated resort in Mexico. Ms. Alesi also gives part of blame for the North Carolina legal proceedings to Idema's legal team in that she believes are blinded by greed and corrupt to the core.

Ms. Alesi thinks Idema and some of his associates were well aware that she suffered from the most lethal form of AIDS and hoped she would die, or be too sick to continue resistance. If this line of attack failed, Ms. Alesi believes the plan was to silence her by means of harassment and death threats.

The attack has obviously failed as well and Ms. Alesi very much still in the struggle.

Affidavits filed on November 3, 2010 from Lynn E. Thomas and John Edwards Tiffany regarding the lawsuit over the “Idema Building” and William Hagler are excellent fiction that slanders Ms. Alesi. Tiffany has been Idema's lawyer since his adventures in Afghanistan starting in 2001/02, and has ties to another Idema important issue - the controversial death of Rita Gray. (The death of Ms. Gray and the Idema/Tiffany connection to it will be covered in a future article). The other member of the “Idema Legal Team” are Tiffany's cousin and fellow lawyer, Vallerie Magory, who also teamed up with William London regarding the H.J Idema Trust.

What Thomas and Tiffany wrote in the affidavits concerning Ms. Alesi good entertainment, but completely false. Tiffany knew her as the wife of Jack Idema when they first met at Idema's father funeral. He also saw her while in Mexico at the STAR meetings. Tiffany was also aware that Ms. Alesi's name was being used for many purposes by Legal Team Idema and never mentioned the fact to her – this was the case with William London as well – who was first to congratulate Ms. Alesi on her marriage to Idema.

It would appear that Tiffany had an easy job as Idema's attorney, as Idema (a real jailhouse lawyer, for sure!) would write up the legal issue at question and send the document to Tiffany, who would copy, sign and submit the finished product to the court. One hears much about “ghost writers” who create books for famous people like Obama, but this is first time this investigative reporter has heard of a “ghost lawyer” - in this case Idema - who uses a real lawyer's letterhead, signature and license to practice law. Ms. Alesi has documentation as well (to be produced at a later date) of this unusual manner of law practice. This legal project of Idema's was financed by the Ms. Alesi's corporate American Express card obtained by fraud by Idema, where these legal documents sent to Kinko to be reproduced and charges billed. Ms. Alesi has copies of these documents where all that need be added for submission to the court are Tiffany's signature.

The Thomas Affidavit is quite interesting as well. Ms. Alesi has described Thomas as a “professional victim” who can tell lies and pump out a sea of salty tears on command concerning her alleged abuse by Ms. Alesi! One of the oldest tactics used by criminals and communists is to accuse the accuser. In this dirty little game that is based on psychological projection is to charge the victim with being aggressor. The father of the Russian Revolution, Lenin, once famously told his stooges the best way to attack the opposition, “accuse them of what you are.” If this is true, Thomas is quite the villain, as she has committed a serious hate crime by exposing Ms. Alesi's HIV status to the world on the Internet. Thomas attempts to advertise her herself as an American patriot and Christian, but many think she has would have made an excellent Bolshevik in the party of Lenin.

The Stupor Patriots in April 2006:

"Well lets see here ... Now here is proof of a conspiracy. Lynn Thomas has admitted here that she has been in contact with Jackbo's lawyers. That through Jackbo's lawyers she posted a partial deposition that was under a Court Order of Protection. That she is and has been involved as a accessory to perpetrate a fraud. Nice Christian Woman ....................................................... Got to love this Psychotic and Homicidal Lynn Thomas! She has been receiving threats .............................................................. LOL! Sick girl Lynn you really need help!"

More from The Stupor Patriots dated October 2006:
"So Thomas attacks forgetting all about the FACT that Jackbo has had many opportunities to prove his case in court and every time he sued one of the people Thomas continues to wrongly defame he has not just lost in court but ended up being sanctioned and owing the defendants money. Of course Thomas reports on all that? Well of course not! Every time Jackbo has gotten his ass handed to him Thomas rails against the truth and attacks or threatens the person who was wronged. Just like the threat of calling the FBI. LOL! Calling the FBI! LOL! Lynn Thomas is going to call the FBI! Ok, here is the jist of the conversation between Thomas and the FBI."
"Thomas just plainly for what ever demented reason refuses to acknowledge the truth and this includes emails and statements from Jackbo's old Commanding Officer and Green Beret Billy Waugh. But note that Thomas only attacks a selected group of people. You have to ask why? Why not bring to light that Jackbo's old Commanding Officer wrote personally to Thomas and Thomas even refused to answer or post his email. Also note that Thomas has not even mentioned the fact that Billy Waugh slammed the door on Jackbo's private prison. She forgets that 98% of Jackbo's claims have been exposed as BULLSHIT! His military record, how and why he entered Afghanistan, and even the FRAUD Jackbo committed playing US Military covert terrorist hunter killer. But none of this sinks into Thomas lying brain. Yes she is a very sick and demented woman."

This is more proof of what Jack Idema, Lynn Thomas and the rest of his gang will do to destroy the lives of their opponents.

November 14, 2011



One thing is certain as the publisher, editor, writer and investigative reporter for The Freedom Fighter's Journal - You never know what messages in the email, or comments on the blog will appear suddenly out of the world wide web.

Last week was no exception when comments were made on this blog by
Hans Van Kooijk (called "Hans" hereafter), a long time associate of and neighbor of Jack Idema in Mexico, who performed the role of minister at Idema's Muslim wedding in 2008. Hans is pictured at the right of the wedding party that included George the security guard and witness at the extreme left standing next to Jack Idema, who is dressed in a uniform of his own creation that appears to be modeled on those wore by Saudi Arabian officers and holding a sword pointed upwards, and Penny Alesi, the newly wed Mrs. Jack Idema.

Ms. Alesi has good reasons to believe that Hans is an alcoholic and in fear of Jack Idema. The two apparently had a long standing business relationship in the shadow world of the Mexican economy where all economic dealings are a mixture of the illegal and legal. Ms. Alesi also thinks that the two comments by Hans published below were done under threat of harm by Jack Idema.

So who is telling the truth about this latest affair exposed at Casa Arabi, Ms Alesi or Hans? This is for the reader to conclude after first reading the statements made by Hans and the rebuttal authored by Ms. Alesi. The writer and editor of this article can only note that he has seen a large number of documents, pictures, videos, and sworn statements by the principals involved in the Hans Affair at the Casa Arabia Sex Resort in Mexico that indicate Ms. Alesi has told the truth.

The two comments on this blog made by Hans:
Blogger hans said...
Sounds horrible this story, written by Penny? If not, where is the name of the author or why didn't you put your name on it sweetheart ? Who knows what happened between those two highly intelligent, headstrong and agressive mates. When I, hans van kooijk, knew them, Penny was already skinny as a 2x4 and as tough as one too. Some mornings Jack (probably deserved it) had blue spots on shoulders, breast and belly after "sweet" Penny vented her anger once alone with her chosen man. Both Penny and Jack tended to blow up when I knew them, so what.....Hot Love War Zone...maybe?Penny certainly had lot's of time and opportunity to think about there relationship (years) and we (my wife and me) offered space if she wanted to rethink stuff. So...use this space as a forum for vengeance? Why...what's the use..give it a rest!
November 11, 2011 11:02 PM
Blogger hans said...
Yes, he got mended good in a non VA hospital in the South of Mexico "Boondogs" after a serious accident which crushed several of his ribs and assorted bones for about nothing in us $$. Would he has been as well taken care off in a VA Hospital? He would say yes, patriote as he is, but would that be true? I remember lot's of negatory stories of personel and family who feel left alone after receiving a broken soldier!
November 12, 2011 1:28 AM
My Response on Hans' website:


Interesting comments you made about Idema on my blog!

As is well known, I'm doing an investigative series of articles on Idema as a free lance writer and blogger, so feel free to continue to comment on the articles I publish.

If you care to contact me:

Cheers, Ronbo
Loving those comments. Let me address each one.
First, I would like to comment on his comment. Notice there is no denial of the wedding taking place and he refers to us as "mates", meaning the marriage was legitimate.
Second, Hans is a hardcore alcoholic, the very reason he and Idema got along. His wife Ann is a sweetie. I would have released many more photos of the ceremony, but Ann is in them and I didn't want to subject her to public exposure. Yes, they offered me a place to stay in 2008, but I knew their lives would be in grave danger if I went there. They live perhaps, ten houses down from where we lived, which made easy for Idema, or one of his thugs to break into the house. Both of them are terribly afraid of Idema. I am certain that Hans is on a fishing expedition for Idema. This makes me think Idema is desperate. Hans and Idema parted ways a long time ago. Thus, for Idema to bring him back into the fold reeks of urgency on the part of Idema for information on the publication of articles concerning him on The Freedom Fighter's Journal.
Yes, there were blue marks on Idema many mornings. They were not the result of husband beatings, but came from rough sex with his male playmates. Of course, Idema told everyone they were done by me. Honestly, do you think Idema would let ME slap him around?! Would a sadistic slavemaster and Muslim like him allow his small female slave to assault him? C'mon now.
Yes, I was thin. Hans is thinner than me. So what does that mean? Every thin person has AIDS? I was also working out 24/7. I had to, I never knew when I would need to fight physically.
Idema was in Clinica Carranza in Chetumal. I believe he got adequate medical care. Perhaps he would have had better if he had not kept throwing things at the nurses, cursing and screaming non-stop. He was thrown out of the hospital after trying to stab one of the nurses with a pen in the neck. He also NEVER paid his bill. Also, he was in isolation. I think he was in isolation because of AIDS and his behavior. Don't know this for a fact, but I do know they never allowed me to look at ANY OF HIS MEDICAL FILE. And unlike all the other patients, his file was not hanging near the door of his room.
I'd also like to add now that Hans NEVER called or visited Idema while he was in the hospital and never spoke or saw him while I was still involved with Idema. This is was true up until July of 2010. The friendship between Idema and Hans ended after July of 2009. They would only communicate when Hans would call him and remind him that he needed to take Hans' name off the entry sticker. Period.
Hans helped take my belongings from the States to Bacalar, in June of 2009. He was paid two thousand USD on top of expenses to do this. He also was given a new computer by Idema. Hans sold the computer to a hooker in Bacalar, for sex, because he has no cash available due to his wife controlling the family finances. Hans, the drunk he is, decided the $2,000 was not enough and wanted more. This was between him and Idema, not me. Hans had a Mexican Import sticker for the jeep entry into Mexico, as well as the pontoon boat Idema purchased in the States that he had driven down, attached to the jeep. Hans had repeatedly asked Jack to switch it to his name.
Idema, of course, couldn't do that because he was in the country illegally. So he stalled. Hans had a legitimate beef with Idema but it should not have involved me. On Sept. 28, 2009, Hans decided that he wanted the jeep and the boat. Idema was in the hospital. So a drunken Hans started yelling my name from the locked front gate demanding to see me. My bodyguard told him to leave. Instead of leaving, Hans decided to climb over the gate to get me. He was quite drunk and in the process, injured himself on the top of the gate (See pictures of the incident at the end of the article) I went downstairs to meet Hans and he demanded I give him the boat & the jeep. Yup. If I didn't he said he would hurt me.
I told my bodyguard to step aside and said to Hans, "Fine, go ahead, hurt me, but you need to deal with Idema not me." Hans was petrified of Idema and thought he could get me to just give him what he wanted. Again, I told him, "Fight me and we'll see who is the champ with no bodyguard or dog involved. I should note Nina was going nuts barking, wanting to attack Hans because he was screaming at me. I told the bodyguard to just hold onto to Nina and not let her go."
Hans didn't expect the challenge to hand-to-hand combat with a small, but very angry woman, and coward that he is, backed off and climbed over the gate in shameful retreat. He came back the next morning (Sept. 29, 2009) to start a verbal conflict with me all over again, however, this time I had a different bodyguard (George at the gate with Hans on the other side, photos included) waiting for him, so being the champion in combat with small women, he naturally ran away as scared as a little bunny rabbit: He knew well that bodyguard George is a major bad ass and was my protector in Mexico.
The week of Nov.16th, 2009 (I forget what exact day that week, but it was in the earlier part), I went to the border in Belize, with Nick Hunter, and had Hans taken off the import sticker. I was supposed to go back to Belize to put my name on it, but I never did. This is the nonsense I had to deal with on an everyday basis in Mexico. Idema had made many enemies and they knew he was in the hospital so they were going after me for retaliation.
But I never gave up or let them get me.
I fought all of them. There are so many more stories like this one. I had a trusted circle of men who defended me and stood by me, while Idema was in the hospital and stayed with me around the clock. Nina and I would fight to the end without them if it was necessary. Also, I had Idema's arsenal of weapons and that was all I needed.
In conclusion, I am so glad I took photos and kept a diary. Somehow I knew eventually I would need all this stuff.
All The Best, Penny Alesi






October 31, 2011




The letter that Jack Idema sent to Vallerie Magory looks like a legitimate business agreement.

However, the reality is, like all of Idema's so-called business ventures, it is a fig leaf designed to hide the hairy nakedness of a criminal venture by means of honest people like Penny Alesi and Herbert Doe (last name withheld per request by informant) with titular authority over Isabeau Dakota.

The de facto power in this enterprise would be in the hands of Jack Idema, who used it for his own ends – the chief one being to enlarge his own bank account – while leaving all business expenses and legal penalties to the legal owners the corporation.

This is exactly what Idema did to Viktoria Running Wolf and Tom Bumback in a previous scam.

Idema did not pay his appointed Isabeau Dakota Corporation officers a salary. Herbert Doe used his personal credit cards for business expenses that were to be reimbursed by Idema, but never paid. The same promise of a later payment of salary were made to Penny Alesi with a twist – Idema applied for an American Express card online in her name by way of Jet Blue Airlines (Reason: Bonus Miles!) The American Express card he obtained by criminal means in the name of Penny Alesi was the key to the entire scam and quickly became charged up to its limit (95% of this debt has not been paid). Thus her “salary” went as payments to the card from the Isabeau Corporation. This “creative money model” was used by Idema to fund other necessary business expenses like cell phones for his corporate officers, phony ID cards, and ongoing lawsuits.

How did Idema exercise control of this criminal enterprise? This is easy if you're an intelligent psychopath with many years of experience. Ms. Alesi was held directly in his control by means of white slavery at his Casa Arabi Sex Resort in Mexico and Herbert Doe believed Idema was worthy of trust as an “off the books CEO of the corporation” and who repay him with a generous salary plus bonus. Idema also exercised control by means of the corporate cell phone by changing passwords on a regular basis, so that he could monitor every call made of these phones.

As if this Big Brother victimization of Herbert Doe wasn't bad enough, Idema made him his personal representative for extensive business legwork and many personal errands, which involved extensive travel in the eastern United States and Mexico. The bulk of this travel were trips to and from the Idema Building at
450 Robeson Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina; the deceased Idema father's house in Poughkeepsie, New York where the house, hanger and plane were located; and Mexico to “coordinate” matters with “CEO” Idema. Of course, this hard work and expense of many thousand dollars was accomplished without compensation from Idema.

Meanwhile during this time frame of 2008 to 2009, the Idema Building
at 450 Robeson Street, Fayetteville North Carolina was in serious decline due to previous flooding and needed a new roof, removal of mold, new heating/cooling unit and a repaved parking lot. The two new tenants running The Ultimate Pet Resort were (from Dec. 2008--July 2009), were running out of patience because they were continuing to pay their rent but Idema had not done the repairs he had promised them in the lease agreement. Idema's solution? As always (OPM) Other People's Money! Yes, our self styled “super patriot” made a “super prososal” to the city of Fayettesville, North Carolina in the form of 74 page grant for the Idema Building entitled, “450 Robeson Street, Fayetteville; 2009 RENOVATION PROJECT PROPOSAL”. In reading this document, this writer has to give Idema, its author his due, it looks on the surface like an excellent QUID PRO QUO to turn endangered property around in order enrich the city property taxes.

Indeed, the Isabeau Dakota Corporation, STAR America Aviation & The Ultimate Pet Resort were all listed in this proposal with awesome pictures, graphs, estimates, job creations, etc. in a very professional business style! The reader will very likely not notice small items like Penny Idema's name being spelled “Penny Alessi” on page 13 and “President Isabeau Dakota Corporation & CEO” with signature forged seven times in the Idema grant document.

Herbert Doe is listed as Project Manager. Project Advisors, General Counsel has two of Idema’s lawyers - William London III (Isabeau Dakota) and John Edwards Tiffany (STAR Air) listed as well. Jack Idema is solely responsible for this 74 page grant submission, dated April 21, 2009. Each section would be given five thousand dollars towards their repairs. And each section had a year to complete their end of the agreement after receiving the money. As it always turns out with everything Idema is involved with, it became a nightmare. Herbert Doe worked non-stop to get all these repairs completed, but of course, Idema was never satisfied: He would change his mind constantly and never settle on one idea at a time; he would argue about the price, the materials needed, when it would be done, how he wanted it done; and he would completely "forget" the conversations with the individuals involved in them the next day.

In the late spring and summer of 2009, Idema was in meltdown over the Isabeau Dakota affair.

Penny Alesi recalls Idema's screams into the speakerphone and calling the persons on the receiving end vile names who preformed unspeakable sexual acts. Ms. Alesi and her “family” of three American cats were then living with Idema from March 31, 2009 - September 17, 2009; and was his close companion every single day. What she experienced in those months of horror will never be forgotten: Idema was constantly breaking phones, glasses, ashtrays, anything within reach because he was not happy with the way things were going in the States. However, he would not even attempt to return to America because he was afraid that the FBI had a sealed indictment that would put him in jail the moment he stepped foot on U.S. soil. Thus he would do all his business via phone, computer and fax. The problem was that Idema had broken rule number one of a successful con artist by drinking to excess and using illegal drugs like cocaine. As if wasn't enough to blow his cool, the dust to dawn bizarre sex escapades at his Casa Arabi Sex Resort that by themselves would have driven anyone over the edge.

The last business in the Idema Building at
450 Robeson Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina – the Ultimate Pet Resort – closed at the end of July, 2009. The profits from this enterprise had been excellent, but the owners were sick and tired of broken promise after broken promise that came from the shadow owner of the building – Jack idema. It was at this low point Ms. Alesi demanded that Idema produce all the records concerning this enterprise and told by Idema to “take a hike.” Hence, to this day Ms. Alesi has no idea what happened to the rents and desposits taken from businesses and the non-profit that rented space in the Idema Building, but a good guess is that this money was placed in Idema's pocket. When asked by this writer if any city/state/federal taxes were paid by Idema as the de facto CEO of the Idema Building, Ms. Alesi doubts if this ever happened, “Paying taxes is the last thing Idema would ever do – he hated government – all goverments, but in particular the American government who he blamed for most of his problems.”

The beginning of the end for the Isabeau Dakota scam came in January, 2011, when litigation started in a North Carolina court. The de jure officers of the corporation – Penny Alesi and Herbert Doe – were absolutely clueless where the grant money, rents and deposit money had went, as no accounting was ever forwarded by Idema, the de facto CEO of the corporation. It should noted once again, that these official corporate officers were told lie after lie by Idema over the course of a year, and his skillful mixture of fact and fiction along with outbursts of temper kept them at bay. This saga of deception by Idema will be addressed at length in future articles, however, this side of the story has yet to be exposed in court.

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANTS - This journalist claims press protection under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and will not to disclose his sources at their request.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011



By Ron Barbour

What do you do if you are a famous convicted felon on the run from the law, and a man many believe to be an American traitor and international war criminal for running a private torture prison in Afghanistan?

Jack Idema's solution was to marry Penny Alesi and use her as his "front woman" in a criminal project he named “Isabeau Dakota, Inc.” and put her in "office" as “President” of a building located at 450 Robeson Street in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

This was the perfect coup from Idema's perspective: Ms. Alesi is a good woman without a police record, excellent credit rating and employment record.

In this fashion, Idema believed he could have his cake and eat it too, since he planned to continue his criminal activity in North Carolina and the USA by means of a wife he thought he reduced to white slavery who would sign documents without question in order to avoid further torture. However, this plan came to a bad end for him when Penny Alesi somehow survived torture, imprisonment and mock executions at the hands of Idema at his resort/drug/torture chamber in Mexico. Today Ms. Alesi lives inthe northeast United States with pictures, documents and statements that expose more than three years criminal activity by Idema and his associates in North Carolina.

This proof of these serious allegations are proven in documents proving that Ms. Alesi (then Idema) was “President of Isabeau Dakota, Inc.” of the Fayetteville, NC property from 2008 to 2011. There are additional documents that includes a grant for all three sections of the building as well as a bank account that also prove that Penny Alesi was forced to become Idema's figurehead president under the phony name of Isabeau Dakota with only the authority to sign documents, while all the decisions were made by him or his co-conspirators.

What was the real deal at the Idema building in Fayetteville?

One scam for Idema and associates was to rent space out to tenants and wait until they improved the property. In the period December 2008 to August 2009, the Ultimate Pet Resort was in business in the Idema building. This small enterprise was very successful. When Idema was informed that his property was improved, the lease was cancelled and the tenant was asked to move for alleged non-payment of rent. The "Idema Treatment" was repeated with a small, but growing Christian church that installed improved air conditioning, new carpet, repaired and repainted the walls and ceilings, and added two new bathrooms. There are no reports of money lost by small business and non-profit organizations who rented space at the Idema Building, but they could run into many thousands of dollars when the cost of improvements and relocation are taken into account.

Ms. Alesi finally demanded an account in 2009 of what was going on under her business name in North Carolina: She had become concerned over IRS issues in the USA and asked to "see the books." The very reasonable request by the titular President of her own company was denied by Idema and his lawyers for the obvious reasons of ongoing and past shady business dealings at the site. It would appear the final goal of Idema in regards to the final solution for his North Carolina property by means of lies, deceptions and white slavery was to allow Other People's Money (OPM) to fix it up for sell at the maximum price with the profits going into his pockets.

The major sources of lies, disinformation, propaganda, threats, slander and bad poetry against Penny Alesi and the situation at the former Idema building in Fayetteville come mainly from one source” Cao's Blog. The owner of this blog is Lynn Thomas, a decade long supporter, business associate, propaganda minister of Idema and his girlfriend who has published vast amounts of material that would fill a small North Carolina library in support of a “Cult of Idema.” Ms. Thomas states on her work history that she was employed at the Idema Building in North Carolina:

Property Manager · Sep 2010 to Apr 2011 · Fayetteville, North Carolina
I managed properties in New York and North Carolina and completed the work in North Carolina at the end of April."

In fact, Ms. Thomas lived at 450 Robeson Street for the eight months, as she tesified on January 24, 2011 in a North Carolina Court to "help out" Idema and get space in the building rented. This long time associate of Idema also said in the same court appearance that, "Penny Idema doesn't exist, there is no such person." The reality is that Penny Alesi - the former Penny Idema and ex-wife of Jack Idema - is very much alive and can prove that she was, indeed, his lawfully wedded wife under Islam!" When easily exposed lies such as are made in a court of law under oath by Ms. Thomas it leads a reasonable person to question if anything said in or out of court by her is the truth. This writer wonders if Ms. Thomas' tearful testimony in this court in which she relates what she knows about a certain building in North Carolina and her association with Idema, and fear of "stalking" and "threats" is nothing more than the projection of guilty conscience where she give voice of what is being done to the her critics and the opponents of Idema?

One important element in this terrorist campaign against Ms. Alesi is the getting court system of North Carolina to do much of the Idema gang's dirty work. What is really shocking about this episode are the Idema lawyers acting on his behalf know full well he is a criminal under indictment in North Carolina! As is well known, lawyers are officers of the court held to high ethical standards. Ms. Alesi has in procession numerous copies of emails to these legally challenged individuals who refused to provide her with documents she requested, as is her right as the former president of Idema's real estate in North Carolina. These lawyers either ignore her, or say the requested documents don't exist, only later to publish the "non-existent documents" on the Internet with Ms.Alesi's forged signatures. One would think in the interest of justice, Idema's lawyers highly ethical lawyers in North Carolina would have him give direct testimony in court. After all, the world knows his current address in Bacalar, Mexico, including the police in North Carolina.

The second front in Idema's psychological terrorist war against Ms. Alesi takes place on the Internet.

It would appear that after years of exposure of Idema's criminal activities that literally spans the world, he has as supporters a small army of cultists who believe that he is super trooper warrior patriot hero who is under attack by oppressive governments and jealous individuals. These Idema cultists are so far gone in their hatred for Penny Alesi they have created blogs like "Your Worst Nightmare," in which a very nasty poem dedicated to "Penny" that was authored by someone named “Kender." The latest "Get Alesi" attack website is "For Every Action" The Idema cult have long proven they will publish anything to bully Ms. Alesi mentally and emotionally. For instance, her serious medical status as an AIDS patient who was knowingly infected by their "hero" Idema.

These lies, disinformation and harassment were bad enough, but Ms. Thomas even had the nerve to write on her blog without proof that Ms Alesi had sex with thousands of people in underground bars.This writer notes that Ms Thomas claim to be a Christian and a patriot who always tells the truth, but perhaps not the truth in the dictionary sense.


CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANTS - This journalist claims press protection under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and will not to disclose his sources at their request.

Previous articles on Jack Idema published at "The Freedom Fighter's Journal"

October 10, 2011


On November 22, 2008, Jack Idema married Penny Alesi in a Muslim wedding ceremony at the infamous Casa Arabi Sex House (up in the lighted tower) in Mexico. The groom, in true Muslim military strongman tradition, wore a uniform of his own creation. The bride wore an attractive Arabian dress purchased by her soon-to-be husband in Dubai, just after his release from prison in Afghanistan in 2007. The evening of the wedding was warm, calm and clear under the starry Mexican skies, the perfect romantic backdrop for two lovers standing before Hans van Kooijk, a boat captain who was thought to have the authority to conduct a wedding as the captain of a ship.

The wedding ceremony was a short affair of less than half an hour that consisted of Arabic words translated on cards for the bride and groom to speak, rings exchanged (The bride's ring was an el cheapo never replaced with a real diamond) and the lighting of candles.

Unfortunately for the new bride, this picture of gentle lovers in an earthly paradise would soon turn into a latter day Dante's Inferno of the worst regions of Hell.

Jack Idema, the groom and alleged romantic “man's hero” of many adventures in various parts of the world including Afghanistan turned out to be a classic psychopath. A wolf of a man who attempted to turn an innocent woman into his slave by means of mental, emotional and physical torture. This was a session of Hell lasting endless months in an isolated part of Mexico far from the eyes of Mexican federal law enforcement, who very likely wouldn't have been interested, since the people involved were foreigners.

What torture Penny Alesi underwent at the hands of the raving and often drugged Jack Idema the world may never know in detail, even Penny today has problems remembering, as the brain can only take so much horror before it switches off. However, it is certain she was often hit for small misdemeanors by her new husband. (not to mention the fact that she was always ducking to avoid the items coming at her head (mostly cell phones, glasses and ashtrays). There were also attempts on her life by Jack Idema, who was only stopped by the intervention of their bodyguard Frank, an honest, intelligent and very physically fit man that Penny credits with saving her life on more than one occasion.

The story gets worse as the long months of 2009 passed. However, because Penny had moved her cats down there to Mexico to be with her at the end of March 2009, she endured it. She not only had herself to worry about, but her three cats who are were her children and she had to stay lucid enough to protect all of them. Furthermore, she was very worried about her newly adopted Mexican cat, Tinka, and Nina, the dog from Afghanistan she had rescued for Idema.

Penny soon discovered that her new husband had been unfaithful and was/is a secret homosexual with many male playmates. These include Nancy the transsexual, Fernando his boyfriend and Eduardo.

Idema, Fernando and Eduardo loved to be the stars of home videos with many other homosexual partners as extras who came to the Casa Arabia Sex House. This establishment soon became famous as a vacation spot for American homosexuals and was listed online as a gay resort in Mexico. The homosexual orgies continued around the clock at this establishment, fueled by cheap Mexican liquor and expensive illegal drugs like cocaine/heroin provided for a price by Idema and the Mexican drug cartel. Of course, the fun seekers were off limits to Mexican law enforcement, since the owner of the complex was a corrupt Mexican Senator.

After months of torture that makes the Hanoi Hilton look like a Boy Scout camp, a broken Penny was introduced by Jack Idema to the orgy games at the pleasure dome of Casa Arabia, where men rule in true Muslim fashion and women are reduced to Third World white slavery whose only reward is bare physical survival. The well fed, happy and lucky citizens of the West, especially women, cannot begin to imagine the horrors of womanhood in these regions where decent women like Penny are forced to purchase their lives by Muslim husbands like Jack Idema at the cost of brain washing, drugs, beatings, mock executions and perverted sex with dirty and diseased people. Many women would commit suicide rather than submit to the torture and degrading sexual demands of a psychopath.

But Penny is a survivor.

She escaped her prison hell in the Casa Arabia Sex House with the help of few good men and women. On July 30, 2010, Penny filed charges in Chetumal, Mexico against Idema. The legal Mexican document is here in Spanish (English translation in progress), but if you have knowledge of the Spanish language, as many Americans do, you will be shocked at the horror related in legalese. In brief, the document states in detail how a good American woman by the name of Penny Alesi was broken in body and degraded in spirit by a modern day De Sade in 2009 and 2010 at a homosexual sex/drug resort in Mexico.

The reward for Penny and her hellish experience in Mexico has been continued death threats, name calling on blogs, obscene phone calls, endless lies about her motivation for telling the truth and legal civil action by the co-conspirators of Jack Idema living in the United States. Most of these are legally challenged individuals have never even met Idema The Hun in person, although one woman, Lynn Thomas, has had at least one sexual liaison with him (the author hopes Idema wore protection). Ms. Thomas continues to fight daily for the "Idema Honor" by waging endless electronic warfare on the Blogsphere using more than one publication.

In recorded messages and emails, Idema tried to convince Penny to come back. One message in particular, has Idema screaming at her on her answering machine "What the fuck is going to happen to the business now? You HAVE TO TALK TO ME TO STRAIGHTEN THIS OUT. Just come back home to me and it'll be alright." Penny has never been arrested, has never had any substance or alcohol abuse problems, had excellent credit, had the same job for fifteen years and was the perfect target for Idema. She was previously married for thirteen years as well. No children just her pets.

When the Idema threats from Mexico failed to bring Penny back into his camp, he begin to send Penny's elderly parents emails laced with vulgarities and filled with lewd photos taken from the orgies he forced her to participate in under torture threats. The failure of this attempt to get Penny back on the Idema side caused El Jacko to double down and call Penny's parents long distance to make threats of jailing them "as co-conspirators" (!) and calling their terminally ill daughter "a whore." These emails and audio recordings (that will be published on the Internet at a later date) are disgusting to read and hear, especially as senior citizens should be not subjected to that kind of harassment.

When this gambit failed, Idema contacted Penny's brother and repeated the action related in the paragraph above. This was Penny's reward for looking after Idema's dying father, a decorated WW II Marine Corps hero, who she arranged to have buried with full military honors complete with a 21 gun salute and Taps. After this very moving tribute to a fallen patriot, the officer in charge of the Marine Corps burial detail presented the "Old Glory" to Penny Alesi, as Jack Idema, the man's son and heir refused to attend the ceremony, fearing arrest in the USA on felony charges.


Penny published the Idema threats and harassment of her family on, Of course, the Idema free rent propaganda minister, Lynn Thomas, the publisher and owner of Cao's Blog, took aim at the facts presented by Penny to spin them as lies in article after article. This author thinks Ms. Thomas should go work as a highly paid member of Obama's Propaganda Team, as she has a rare talent for making lies look logical, rational and true! Lynn Thomas reminds this author of a woman who is seen by the police with a smoking gun in her hand over the dead body of a man with a large hole in the middle of his chest saying to the officers, "Are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?"

Article after Lynn Thomas article hit the Internet, the latest gambits launched from the Idema Gang in Mexico and the USA "proving" that Penny was "insane." This author can verify personally from over a year of talking to Penny Alesi on numerous occasions by phone and countless emails that this woman is quite sane and very strong minded. He recently interviewed Penny and her legal counsel in person to see if what she was saying was true. She presented this writer with documents, recordings, CDs, photographs and all the verification necessary to prove she is telling the truth. No wonder Idema and his followers are trying to discredit her. They don't even have a clue how much information this woman is retaining. When this latest piece of mud thrown at Penny rolled off her face without result charging her with insanity, the Idema Gang moved the "Penny Alesi and Jack Idema Were Never Married" gambit to the center of the chessboard.

Check again for the Idema Gang!

First of all, there are pictures and witness statements that prove Penny Alesi and Jack Idema were joined together as man and wife in a Muslim religious ceremony in Mexico. These types of weddings happen every day in the Muslim World and are recognized immediately by The State as being legal and binding. This author doesn't know the legal status of such a wedding in Mexico, but the important thing to remember is that most Jews, Christians and Muslims believe that marriage is a sacred contract between a man and woman with God, not the State. In America, a Jewish, Christian, or Muslim wedding would be recognized as legal and binding by the various states in the federal union.

Penny Alesi and Jack Idema are about as married as two people can be!

There are other items of evidence to check this gambit - For instance, Jack Idema wrote the obituary for his father H. John Idema. In this moving tribute of a son honoring his hero father, he states that Penny Alesi is his wife. Idema also created an inappropriate handout for the funeral that complained about the length of time it took the government to arrange the full dress and very moving patriotic ceremony. In this document Jack Idema states Penny Alesi is his wife, and thanks her for many good deeds done for his late father.


At the end of this voyage into a heart of darkness, that is the soul of Jack Idema, this author has to wonder who is more guilty – Jack Idema – or the horde of his fellow travelers who have made profits from his crimes in the past and future, yet still consider themselves good people. This writer thinks no one can remain good if they follow evil. After all, Jack Idema is a psychopath, a subhuman, a wolf disguised as a human out for the kill – So we can expect evil of such a creature. But what about a lawyer or businessman who knows Jack Idema is evil, yet for profit continues to do business with him?

This writer believes the question was answered years ago by the author of Moby Dick, where an entire ship full of “good” men die save one, because they knowingly and willingly followed an evil commander.

Today, Penny lives with her parents in poverty. The once robust body that could propel Penny along jogging trails for miles is now reduced to ruins by the many terrors of HIV/AIDS, a “gift” from her former psychopathic husband who thought nothing of killing a good woman for his own personal gain. The once sharp mind that won her honors in school has become a short circuit that cuts on and off, the playground of horrible nightmares and terrible flashbacks to terror in Mexico at the hands of the psychopath and sadist who laughed at her discomfort, and often threatened to "gut her" if she told anyone the truth.

A wise man once said that overcoming the bad things in life is what makes us better people.

Thus the trials of Penny Alesi over which she has won many hard battles against the armies of the night made her a gallant warrior for truth and justice in the endless battle against evil. Yes, her poor head has been beaten bloody on more than one occasion; her once attractive body invaded and eaten alive by a deadly virus; but she has never been conquered by one of the most ruthless enemies and torturers one can imagine.

This is the claim few of us can make make..

Those who can we call HEROES!

Penny Alesi is a hero and an American Freedom Fighter!




Friday, October 07, 2011


He cried in a whisper at some image, at some vision—he cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath—"The horror! The horror!" -- Joseph Conrad, "The Heart of Darkness"


-International Criminal...


-American Traitor...


-Islamist Terrorist


-Sex Offender...


The man you never wanted to hear about again is coming back on October 10,2011


The man who runs with the Mexican drug cartels!


The man who robbed Christians in North Carolina!


The man who knowingly infects his sexual partners with AIDS!


The man who converted to Islam and changed sides during the war in Afghanistan!


The man who ran a private prison and torture chamber in Afghanistan!


The man who tortured his wife into white slavery!



Monday, October 03, 2011


Everyone wants a piece of Ronbo_

The U.S. Secret Service...

The Islamists...

The Socialists...

The Fascists...

The Communists...

The Democrat Party...

The Black Racist/Nationalists...

The White Racist/Nationalists...

The Mexican Drug Cartel...

(Did I miss anyone out there?)

...And the latest on the ever longer Ronbo hit list is"El Jacko" Idema's blogger pal Cao, who apparently doesn't like my blog reprinting articles that I find on her good friend's blog Hence, the Blogger Cao threatens old Ronbo with legal action in a North Carolina civil court. Now this is a real twist - normally my enemies threaten and/or attempt to murder me, but being hauled into a nice civilized court? Yes, I may suffer a fate worse than death and have to wear a coat and tie, not to mention shave.

The horror! THE HORROR!!!

Anyhow, you be the judge and jury of Ronbo. The blog in question is here and someone is posting articles there under the name of Jack Idema. This person could be the one and only Jack Idema in an honest attempt to get right with God before he dies of AIDS by public confession, as the pictures and articles seem to come directly from his down-at-the heels resort in Mexico. I'm sure if this isn't The Real McCoy posting at this website, Blogger would have pulled the plug by now.


Starting back in August, some emails were circulated that said terrible things about Idema. The fact remains; Idema is still where he was when he left Afghanistan, in the same house, despite their best efforts.
The court case in North Carolina that charged Hagler and Alesi worked in concert to take Idema’s building with a series of fraudulent deeds (among many other things), is ongoing. The newest revelation in this strange series of events is that criminal charges are now pending against Penny Alesi, William John Hagler, and Ron Barbour (see paragraph 9, below. They are among the crew that is running the impersonation blog on Idema on blogspot, against blogger’s terms of service). They have also traveled the internet impersonating Jack Idema in comments on blogs, leaving links to the impersonation blog, calling attention to it.
As a result of what Alesi, Hagler, Barbour and their co-conspirators have done on the internet, the Cumberland County North Carolina Superior court has ordered that they stop their electronic communications (emails) and communications via other means-including internet postings. Read the excerpts:
April 8, 2011 Superior Court Order
8. Defendants have refused Plaintiff’s property managers and the corporation’s agents access to the 450 Robeson Street building in violation of law. Defendants have also threatened Plaintiff’s property mangers to impede the performance of their duties and their care of the premises. Defendants have interfered in the sale of the building by the real estate company by denying access to real estate agents.
9. In their continuing disrespect of the law, and their wanton disregard for the lease and landlord’s property, Defendants have acted to financially destroy Plaintiff. William John Hagler, purportedly a convicted narcotics felon, and unlicensed “private investigator,” who is a defendant in Superior Court Case 10-CVS-9863, has been held in contempt of court. Criminal Contempt charges are now pending against William Hagler, Penny Alesi, and Ronald Barbour.
10. Hagler and Alesi’s purpose was to drive Plaintiff into financial ruin. The Superior Court has specifically restrained Hagler and Alesi on numerous times from engaging in that type of conduct. On August 8, 2011 Superior Court Thomas Lock ruled that all Orders in the case “remain in full force and effect,” including, but not limited to, the April 8, 2011 Order of Superior Court Judge Mary Ann Tally, which stated the following:
¶ “2. Ms. Penny Alesi is hereby restrained from… taking any further actions purporting to be done of behalf of either [Isabeau Dakota, Inc. or Jack Idema] in this case.”
¶ “4. Defendant Hagler, Penny Alesi, and their associates, co-conspirators, agents, and/or assigns are hereby restrained from taking any further acts to interfere with, malign, defame or impugn Isabeau Plaintiffs’ ownership and possession of 450 Robeson Street, Fayetteville, NC, its business relationships and potential business relationships with current or prospective tenants at 450 Robeson Street, and the affairs and reputation of any current, future, or prospective tenants at 450 Robeson Street, or selling or disposing or transferring any other assets of Plaintiffs.
¶ “5. This includes restraining Defendant Hagler, Penny Alesi, and their associates, co-conspirators, agents, and/or assigns from posting false or defamatory information about Plaintiffs, Plaintiffs’ associates or employees or agents, and/or their tenants on the internet or through electronic mail or other means, including, but not limited to, blogs and websites.”
May 19, 2011 Superior Court Order
11. On April 11, 2011, thematter came again before Superior Court Judge John E. Nobles who held Hagler in contempt and signed and permanently enjoined;
“Hagler, Penny Alesi, and their associates, co-co-conspirators, agents, and/or assigns [from] taking any further acts to interfere with, malign, defame, or impugn Isabeau Dakota, Inc.’s ownership and possession of 450 Robeson Street, Fayetteville, NC, its business relationships and potential business relationships with current or prospective tenants at 450 Robeson Street, and the affairs and reputation of any current, future, or prospective tenants at 450 Robeson Street, including, but not limited to, posting false or defamatory information about Plaintiffs, their agents, and/or their tenants on the internet or through electronic mail or other means, including, but not limited to, blogs and websites.”
My mere reporting on the court documents is in no way shape or form ‘harassment’. This is public information, and if Alesi didn’t want her name out there, she shouldn’t have started it or posted her own name on other websites and even on twitter.

The above comment she left on a blog that I have nothing to do with; on a blogspot blog (and she should know that blogger is free). It isn’t possible that she paid for any blog with her Amex; and Idema has never been a blogger on any platform. Idema doesn’t have any blogs, let alone blogs on blogspot. What is odd about that comment is also that Penny has her own blogs on blogger, as you can see by her blogger profile.
So she knows full well that blogger blogs are free.
And the list of what she has done like this goes on and on, and that doesn’t include the long list of telephone calls, telephone messages and emails.
—– Original Message —–
From: “Penny” To: Jack Idema
Wednesday, March 30, 2011 8:37 PM
Subject: No deal for you today. Too bad, too sad
Did you really think we would let you get away with renting your building? And to church, what a laugh. You can say goodbye to that deal tomorrow. Do I have your attention now? When we are done with you there will be nothing left in your life. Your lawyers are shysters and Hagler will get everything you have. He already sold your precious tapes.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The fall of the once mighty self styled, "Super Patriot" Jack Idema now hiding from U.S. law enforcement in Mexico in the house of a narco Mexican Senator and looking like a homeless bum at the Salvation Army soup kitchen.

...And fighting off AIDS with the help of modern medicine.

Will Idema do the honorable thing before AIDS terminates earthly existence with extreme prejudice?

Stay tuned..

The EOI (Enemies Of Idema) are waiting, watching and reporting...

September 20, 2011


The fall of the once mighty self styled, "Super Patriot" Jack Idema now hiding from U.S. law enforcement in Mexico in the house of a narco Mexican Senator and looking like a homeless bum at the Salvation Army soup kitchen.

...And fighting off AIDS with the help of modern medicine.

Will Idema do the honorable thing before AIDS terminates earthly existence with extreme prejudice?

Stay tuned..

The EOI (Enemies Of Idema) are waiting, watching and reporting...

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Jack Idema accident on Sept. 17, 2009 was caused from speeding & driving while drinking & doing drugs. If he had wore a seat belt maybe he would not have gotten hurt so bad. He was put in isolation due to the AIDS they found in his blood. Clinica Carranza in Chetumal threw him out after a few weeks after he tried to stab a nurse with a pen in the neck. He left & never paid them of course. So they were more than willing to give out his confidential medical status. He also became more addicted to drugs than ever before as seen on this table from CasaArabi. Poor Jack, why don't you ever learn that being mean to others always comes back to bite you in the ass. Oops, we meant the face because you LOVE being bitten in the ass by your playmates!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011




One picture speaks a thousand words. This is the alleged Super Patriot Jack Idema in the uniform of the enemy. It would be same as if in the middle of World War II, an American Army veteran donned the uniform of Hitler's dread SS for the cameras.

Want to see and read more on the traitor, Jack Idema?

The file of shame is HERE.



Monday, September 12, 2011


Just when you don't think the Great American Traitor Black Jack Idema can't sink any lower in Hell, he pulls off a surprise coup!

The smoking gun HERE

Of course, El Jacko is too sick with AIDS to personally commit this most extreme exercise in bad taste to the heroes of 9/11; thus 90% of the blame and most of the profit will go to his more or less physically healthy, but very greedy cult members in the USA living like cowards underground under fake names posting endless Idema lies and propaganda at websites like this ONE

I ask you: Who is more evil - people who follow and make profit from an evildoer, or the evildoer himself?

Also, who deserves most to be destroyed along with the evildoer?

A great poet and writer once asked these timeless questions in an American classic entitled "Moby Dick" and illustrated in his masterwork that if good men follow evil, they, too, will become evil and face the judgement of God on Earth and in Heaven.




Tuesday, September 06, 2011




There is no Statute of Limitations when a person flees from prosecution. It seems "failure to appear" is a constant comment on Idema's arrest log. He thinks he's above the law. The above document relates to Impersonating an Officer. He had used one of his many phony ID cards, but got snagged on that gig.
This is in addition his WAR CRIMES in Afghanistan, drug & arms dealing, all the court judgments that he owes...We can see why he's so afraid to come back to the United States.

Poor iguana, Idema is probably going to hang you upside down and torture you.

Then probably eat you, because he is low on funds.

The battle in North Carolina over the Idema's former building and business continues with the end not in sight. (Please note: No details can be posted because of the legal issues involved)

While lawyers and courts in North Carolina attempt to sort out the Black Jack train wreck of business dealings and property (lots of luck!)- and
Idema groupie Cow is still hoping she and Black Knight Jack will be riding off in the sunset with his Lady Fair - at the Casa Arabi Sex House, a poor, sick and dying Idema is frolicking with homosexual "Nina" and his best boyfriend, Tony, who, between orgies and drug sessions, is actually helping Idema with the yard and house work. This is necessary because the disgusted, straight and unpaid Mexican non-drug abuse staff finally got smart and bolted.

I wonder if Bacalar Blue Lagoon boat tours are back in operation with the fleet down to one shitty boat?

Have fun Black Jack Idema.

By the way, what is that wrist band you have on? What does it mean? How are you feeling since your car accident? You were banged up badly. Hey, you are a great military hero, so how come you didn't get air-lifted to one of the VA hospitals in America, instead you stayed in a shoddy Mexican hospital & chose to suffer in pain at Casa Arabi? You MUST have all the VA medical benefits from the time you claim you served America in the U.S. Army Special Forces and would most certainly be able to utilize them. Oh wait, that's right, you can't come back here! You won't risk going to jail. And you don't have any medical benefits in the U.S. because you are a FRAUD!!!!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011




What more PROOF do YOU need??

YOU are allowing this criminal to live in your house. What are you thinking?? We have proven everything he is below and you still protect him?? Idema is a type of human for which no animal comparisons work, there's nothing on earth lower, though people who would use his "services" to accomplish their political aims come close.

Terrorist sympathizer

War Criminal

Selling self-created tapes for financial gain to Al Jazerra

Stealing electricity from YOUR government in YOUR Casita at CasaArabi - YOUR HOME at Costera #113, Bacalar

Selling drugs

Selling arms

Infecting Mexicans with AIDS

Illegally living in Mexico

Avoiding charges an American woman has against him for raping, assaulting & trying to kill her in YOUR HOME, with a phony "Amparo". Those charges were filed in Chetumal on July 30, 2010 & Idema has been hiding in your CasaArabi ever since then

Conducting an illegal boat business in Mexico "Blue Lagoon Boat Tours"

Not respecting the "Demands" on him from your own people who he owes money for back employment

Drug & Sex Parties at YOUR house

He has no - FM3 Visa, NEVER HAS

He has no Driver's License, he is using Phony I.D. cards using alias JACK BLACK

Owes YOU rent, never paid Clinica Carranza hospital bill, owes storage on other illegally driven black jeep in Chetumal, owes CFE, owes Telmex, filed false litigation suits against others in Mexico - including his neighbor who lives next door, over a wall, and a condominium suit in Puerto Aventuras where he was thrown out of because of his arrest there for two days involving disturbance of the peace & drugs on October 30 & 31, 2007, then fled to your home in Bacalar. The cost of getting him out of jail was 7 grand US Dollars!

Created SAAC (STAR America Aviation Company) solely for the transport of drugs & arms. SAAC was created in YOUR home, all contracts & key players were at your home. Idema tried to stay hidden & used unsuspecting victims in his company to resist any fallout. He also ripped off the investors 200 grand, issued false ID cards for clearance in & out of airports to transport the illegal cargo

Assault, Torture, Robbery, Impersonating Military Personnel & Imprisoned in Kabul, Afghanistan for 3 years (2004)

Assault with a deadly weapon (2002, USA)

Conspiracy & Wire Fraud 58 counts (convicted 1994, served 3 years in prison, USA)

We have further information that we will be posting in regards to SAAC (STAR America Aviation Company) & how Idema & his lawyers were able to file so many lawsuits in the USA & Mexico. We are also going to start reprinting an old blog that was started in 2005 regarding Idema and his cronies. Haven't you ever wondered if Idema was the real deal, a real hero, like he brags he is, why he hasn't returned to the United States since he left in 2004? What is he afraid of?

Also, why did his house in Poughkeepsie never have the auction that was announced? Could it be he owes so many debts on judgements he has lost in his court cases against others? Why doesn't he come back here to straighten out his finances himself, instead of letting others who work for him try to figure it out? If he's so honest and such a hero, you would think he'd be dying to get back here. Instead of just staring at his "Me Wall" Shrine to himself in the kitchen of CasaArabi.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Lance Cpl. Blas Trevino of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, clinches his Rosary beads as he is treated by U.S. Army flight medic Sgt. Joe Campbell after being rescued onto a medevac helicopter from the U.S. Army’s Task Force Lift “Dust Off”, Charlie Company 1-214 Aviation Regiment in Afghanistan Saturday, June 11, 2011. Trevino was shot in the stomach outside Sangin, in the Helmand Province of southern Afghanistan, Saturday. The Army’s ‘Dust Off’ crew needed two attempts to get him out, as they were fired upon and took five rounds of bullets into the tail of their aircraft. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)
Said President Obama today in a press conference, "Naturally we salute the heroism of this young Marine wounded in action in Afghanistan, however, the wanton display of the Christian Cross in a Muslim country is totally unacceptable and is a courts martial offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice."

Email me at:

Will forward what I know about this latest Obama foot-in-the-mouth.

Monday, May 30, 2011






Further proof of Idema's connection with the enemy. As we've said previously, he not only lives in an Arab house in Bacalar, Mexico. He wears Arab garb & sold tapes to Al Jazeera featuring himself water boarding & torturing Afghans for profit. Here's proof he also is very good friends with these terrorists. You don't have to be an active member to sympathize with the cause. Jack and Mullah Mujahed were at Pulacharke prison together. Mullah Mujahed, who has 200,000 or more Taliban terrorists under him is a terrorist, but Jack considers him a good friend. Put all this together with the facts and you have a traitor plain and simple. Photos do not lie. Idema sold his country out long ago & is continuously trying to cash in on his lies telling more stories for a quick buck to whoever is stupid enough to listen. What a creep.

Below is the IED (Improvised Explosive Devises) Threat that was issued on 8/16/06 in Afghanistan regarding the Taliban suicide bombers, Jack's friends and associates.

"The MEYMANEH group is led by Haji HAFIZ from KANDAHAR or QUETTA. HAFIZ is of light build and has a black beard with tones of white. He has cut his beard short in order to avoid resemblance with a typical Taliban member. His two deputies are FNU HABIBULLAH and Mullah MUJAHED, both from CHARBOLAR (GNK) in MASAR e SHARIF (42S UF 3164). Mullah MUJAHED is possible ANWAR AL-HAQ, aka MUJAHED. MUJAHED is not a common name, but often seen as a label for veteran mujahedin fighters. ANWAR AL-HAQ is earlier reported to be a TALIBAN commander thought to be conducting insurgent activities in NANGARHAR province, AFGHANISTAN. Mullah MUJAHED might also be ANWARUL HAQ MUJAHED, listed as TALIBAN in charge of NANGARHAR province as of April 2006. He is reportedly close to TALIBAN leader Mullah OMAR. The group will travel to MAZAR E SHARIF before moving on to MEYMANEH. While in MAZAR E SHARIF, the group will stay in the home of Mullah MUJAHID. Commanders could nurture and fuel radicalism without finding substantial proves. The absence of such indications does not omit that there could be people supportive to TALIBAN. In given circumstances they might be supportive or ally themselves with terrorist elements."

Thursday, May 26, 2011


The Hill reports: "I walked through … right behind me there was a grandmother — little old lady, and she was was patted down," Rep. Paul Broun (R-Georgia) said on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal."
"Right behind her was a little kid who was patted down. And then right behind him was a guy in Arabian dress who just walked right through. Why are we patting down grandma and kids?"


Wednesday, May 04, 2011


The pictures below prove that Idema was sympathizing with Al Qaida because they paid him money for the anniversary 9/11 water boarding and torture tapes. He revered the Arabs and started dressing like one and hated America. HE WAS AND STILL IS A TRAITOR. He went to get the bounty on Bin Laden, failed, so sold the tapes for profit to get even with the US who didn't help him with his lies when he got in trouble in Afghanistan. The photos are proof of his disrespect.

Monday, May 02, 2011


A Jonathan Keith Idema-Con of the First Degree
Jonathan Keith Idema's Cover of ISBN: 0375508619 book of lies that was pulled off the bookshelves due to his self-inflated ego. Poor Robin Moore was misled & conned into believing the fake. Idema even pocketed money from the charities that were listed in the back of the book. After this book was pulled and the media discovered what a fraud he was, Idema graduated himself to selling fake "Al Qaeda" training tapes to make money. Then he was featured in 2 of the Bin Laden 9/11 Anniversary tapes where he is featured torturing & water boarding innocent Afghans for his own self interest. Then had the nerve to sell those tapes as well to the enemy. He is a traitor and disrespects all Americans that are losing their lives fighting for our country. He should be considered a War Criminal & tried harshly. He is expected in the States anytime now (public auction on 12 Jonathan Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY May 15 Sunday; the home he grew up in) & anyone that sees him should report him to the local authorities. If he was what he said he was, how come the FBI were trying to catch him way back when?

Check out the video below and see what a sociopath this asshole really is:


May 02, 2011


A Jonathan Keith Idema-Con of the First Degree
Jonathan Keith Idema's Cover of ISBN: 0375508619 book of lies that was pulled off the bookshelves due to his self-inflated ego. Poor Robin Moore was misled & conned into believing the fake. Idema even pocketed money from the charities that were listed in the back of the book. After this book was pulled and the media discovered what a fraud he was, Idema graduated himself to selling fake "Al Qaeda" training tapes to make money. Then he was featured in 2 of the Bin Laden 9/11 Anniversary tapes where he is featured torturing & water boarding innocent Afghans for his own self interest. Then had the nerve to sell those tapes as well to the enemy. He is a traitor and disrespects all Americans that are losing their lives fighting for our country. He should be considered a War Criminal & tried harshly. He is expected in the States anytime now (public auction on 12 Jonathan Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY May 15 Sunday; the home he grew up in) & anyone that sees him should report him to the local authorities. If he was what he said he was, how come the FBI were trying to catch him way back when?

Check out the video below and see what a sociopath this asshole really is:


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MEET & GREET JACK! See the house he grew up in that he now has for sale! Free open bar & hors d'oeuvres served! Autograph signing! Connect with other members of his fan club! Tons of surprises!Come one, come all!
Unreserved Real Estate & Contents Auction

Directions: From Spackenkill Rd. (Rte. 113) go North on Co. Rd. 74 (Cedar Ave.) Left on Walnut Hill Rd. to left on Jonathan Dr.

Bidding Starts @ $1
Sunday, May 15, 1 P.M.

12 Jonathan Lane
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Sunday, May 15, 1 P.M.

Open House: Sunday, May 8, 1-3 P.M.
and one hour before auction.

To Be Sold To The Highest Bidder Regardless of Price!

Directions: From Spackenkill Rd. (Rte. 113) go North on Co. Rd. 74 (Cedar Ave.) Left on Walnut Hill Rd. to left on Jonathan Dr.

Bidding Starts @ $1
Sunday, May 15, 1 P.M.

Seller: Walnut Hill Holdings, LLC
County: Dutchess
Municipality: Town of Poughkeepsie
School District: Spackenkill Union Free
Tax Map#: 006.-160-0002-605.8010000
Assessment: $367,000.00
Equalization Rate: 100%
100% Assessed Value: $367,000.00
Lot Size: 1.10 Acres
Zoning: Residential
Classification: 210-Single Family Residence
Town/County Taxes: $4,735.97
School Taxes: $5,743.11
Total Yearly Taxes: $10,479.08

Real Estate Features: 4,202' sq. ft. Custom Built Ranch Home with four bedrooms, three full baths & 2 car garage w/electric door openers on 1.10 acres! Features kiln fired brick exterior, asphalt custom roof (Dec. 2002), slate floor foyer, catherdral ceilings, office with Danish design library shelving, custom hardwood floors throughout, highly exotic Virginia white granite wall in living room. Full finished basement includes kitchen, full bath, laundry, private entrance & wet bar. Built in 1962. Tarvia driveway, Located on dead end street.

Household Furnishings to be auctioned immediately following the sale of the Real Estate to include: Dining room, Living room & Bedroom Furniture & misc. household items.
Terms on Personal Property: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Debit Cards. No Checks. Ten percent buyer’s premium. All items sold in “AS IS” condition. Subject to errors and omissions. Refreshments available. Driver’s license required for bidding number. All statements made day of auction take precedence over printed material.

Terms on Real Estate: Down payment of 10% due day of auction by Cash or Check. Additional 10% due within 3 days (72 hours) and the balance due on closing in 30-45 days. 10% Buyer's premium will be added to the final bid and included in the purchase price. Property sold in "AS IS" condition with transfer of title by Administrator's Deed. Broker Participation: 25% of Brzostek's Commission to be paid to the Licensed Real Estate Broker whose prospect successfully closes on the property. To qualify for a commission, the Real Estate Agent or Broker must register their prospect 48 hours prior to auction and attend the auction with client. Call for information. Brokers acting as principals are excluded from broker participation. All the information contained in this flyer/brochure was obtained from sources believed to be correct, but is not guaranteed. All announcements from the Auction block take precedence over any printed or advertised material. This property will be sold subject to any applicable Federal, State, and/or Local Government Regulations. All acreages, measurements, & other figures described in this flyer are approximate and, therefore, not necessarily to scale. Auction: #6023/11.

*EOI = Enemies Of Idema

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


By Penny Alesi
First of all, I want it known that I am not anti-gay, quite the contrary. I have joined HIV support groups & I am active at the local AIDS Project Center. I am not prejudiced against any race, creed, color, political party, sexual preference or anything like that. What I am against is deceit & evil. I think if someone has a disease, like HIV, they should be responsible enough to make sure no one else gets it from them and let them know you have it so they have a choice in whether or not they want to engage in any kind of sex with you.

I was outed way before I was ready or my family was ready. A certain "humble" blog took away my anonymity and spread horrible lies about me. When I tried to respond to that blog I never was given the chance to tell my side of the story, instead my family & I were harassed, intimidated & threatened. I lost my dignity, self-respect, my cat, good credit (due to all fraudulent business endeavors Idema put my name on), my belongings, my health, my reputation, friends, and the right to choose how I live & die. Jack Idema took all that from me. He also decided to make my life a living hell way right up until I take my last breath. He left me destitute & he clearly knew he was infected with HIV.

I did not get HIV via drugs or being a hooker. I got it the way alot of women get it. I was in love & stupid. Period. And because of love & stupidity, my life will never be the same, whatever is left of it. So this story is not for profit, it is for peace of mind and so that when I meet my maker, I will know I did all I could to stop this monster. Jack Idema has alot more sins than just giving out HIV. I'm concerned about other people being as sick as I am & dying, though. The other stuff will come out eventually, although I am sure I won't be around long enough to see it. So, yes, I am mad, very mad. Sad as well.

I challenge anyone who is handed this death sentence of HIV 1, HIV 2, HPV, Herpes 1 & 2, to react differently. Having these STD's can drive you insane. You feel isolated, sick all the time & know that people are afraid to come near you & not even hug you. Jack knew he was doing this to me & never gave me the decency of even apologizing, instead he used me for all he could because he couldn't come back to the States, or so he claims. I took Nina the dog for him when he left Afghanistan, I buried his father & I took charge of his medical rehab when he had his near fatal accident on Sept.17, 2009.

My payment was a horrible disease that he knew he had. Jack always told me he was a heterosexual & when I finally found out the truth, it was too late. Now, I also know that he was bisexual years ago. A Green Beret, who was stationed at Fort Bragg, has come forward & told me of his meeting Jonathan Keith Idema (as he called himself back then). He met him at a "newstand" located on Bragg Blvd. in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in early 2000/2001. They would have sex in a back room. He also went to 450 Robeson Street & have sex with Jack at his apartment next to his office in that building. 2 other men have also come forward, which totally sickens me.

Jack was into cross dressing secretly then too, as well as having his anus penetrated with dildos. He never used condoms then. Now, occasionally he does. But the damage is already there, the disease has progressed. I've also been told about his encounters with men while he was in prison in Kabul, Afghanistan. Apparently, Thursday nights there were for "man sex". I wish to god he had told me this himself when I first met him.

Hopefully now the truth is out & others will be careful.


Sunday, January 16, 2011


Seems Jack is calling on old friends now to help him. George Maracek has been visiting the Fayetteville, NC building to help his old buddy Jack. Red truck, license plate number #MPP6262. Why is he getting involved? Doesn't he realize what Jack is all about yet? Maybe someone should let him know before he gets in deeper. George has a checkered past, maybe that's why Jack has him visiting Lynn Thomas at 450 Robeson Street.

Victim: Miparet Seawong Marecek murdered

Date of article: August 19, 2003 ABC News 11

Army Colonel George Maracek, was a
Green Beret and decorated veteran of Korean and Vietnam conflicts. released from prison 12 years after death of wife in 1991. Col Marecek was convicted in 2000 of second degree murder of his wife. The evidence showed that 42 year old Viparet Marecek was afraid for her safety and told a friend to call police if she didn’t return home to Fayetteville from the beach. Col Mareck took out an insurance policy on his wife shortly before her death. After her death he married a cousin from his native Czech Republic. Do the math: Convicted in 2000; released in 2003 then paroled (NC prison).




Friday, January 14, 2011


On July 30th, 2010, I filed charges in Chetumal, Mexico against Jonathan Jack Keith Idema, who also goes by the name Jack Black. I have gone through hell because of this monster. But my hell is nothing compared to what he is currently doing to others in Mexico now. I told the police and other authorities what was happening they choose to ignore my charges & not reply to me because they don't care. I am too ill to go back to Mexico & pursue this. My only voice is through the media now. Someone has to stop him before he starts an AIDS epidemic in the Bacalar, Chetumal Area. One person has died on the Costera. Casablanca ( Casa Arabi) is a death trap. He was advertising for the house for gay rentals & put himself on Manhunt.Com for a time as Chetumal7.

The house of prostitution on #111 Costera Laguna in Bacalar, Mexico. It is easy to find, it's the huge white Arab house right on the Lake of 7 Colors. Just make sure you have alot of condoms and money & you will be all set. Be prepared for a night of sex & loads of drugs (cocaine & heroin especially). Jack's speciality is being on bottom & toys, so come and have fun! Also, Jack loves to video the sex so look your best!
This is beyond disgusting. He is giving out this deadly disease with hookers helping him now to any poor victim that goes near these freaks. To find out that I've been trying to get my belongings for so long, and sick here in the States thanks to Idema. And now his he/she tranny hooker is living with him. He denied all my charges & said he was negative. Also said he was a heterosexual. A complete masculine macho man. Huh!? Well, now how can that be? Can't imagine why he would be living with a tranny then. Oops, that's right, I told them in the police report he was paying the tranny for sex, having sex parties, had diseases & Idema denied it. Obviously I was telling the truth.

But the police chose to ignore this. Guess they don't care about AIDS killing their Mexican people or tourists. Nancy/Yarlan has moved in. Nancy is quite attractive for a man I will say. She must be. She works the highway in Bacalar at the Pemex Gas Station & must easily do 20 truckers or so on a good night. She is originally from Belize, although she likes to lie & says she's from Egypt to her customers. And she does own at least 10 dildos that she loves to brag about. She so wants to be a woman she has been taking the steroids to make her breasts bigger & doesn't have to shave. One of her customers has died of AIDS. And Idema still denies any involvement with gays, bisexuals, etc. Yup.

The diseased hooker is also wearing all my clothes around Bacalar. Also has been seen driving his black Jeep. Don't seem right to me. What a lying piece of scum. That poor guy that died of AIDS also gave the diseased tranny hooker a motor scooter awhile back to drive around Bacalar when there was a drought of customers. What is wrong with these people? How can anyone be okay with 2 people spreading this fatal disease & not care? What is wrong with the police?

The chief of police in Bacalar, Caesar, is a constant visitor to CasaBlanca/Casa Arabi & one of Idema's best friends. Is he in on the action? Must be or it seems to me he would stop this.

What is wrong with Jose Hadad, a supposedly decent, respectable Senator that lets them do these things in his Arab house on the Costera in Bacalar? He is supposed to be working for the Mexican people but yet he allows his people to be infected with a fatal disease in his own home?????????? Not to mention the drugs that are being used during the sex trysts.

How about the Nalbufina (Bufigen) that Jack keeps getting fraudulent prescriptions for. Why doesn't Dr. Francisco Guillermo Denis stop him from doing this? He is also the doctor that diagnosed Idema, why is he not coming forward? What is wrong with this picture? Could it be like my original police report states in Mexico, that it's all about drugs, arms & money. Must be, why else would you ruin your reputation as a Senator or a Doctor or a top Police Official, unless someone has something over you?

I've asked Jose Hadad repeatedly via emails & phone conversations to help me get my belongings & even told him what was going on there & sent him documented proof, but yet Hadad does nothing. Why????????? I have tried all I can so all that is left is to ask anyone who wants to help stop this madness to call the numbers below & see if perhaps you can reason with these idiots. Spreading AIDS is a crime & should not be tolerated.

Thank you to anyone that thinks this should be stopped & wants to help.

Penny Alesi

Jack Black Idema home phone 983-834-2904
cell phone 983-103-7961

Jose Hadad Senator cell phone 983-752-0207

Francisco Guillermo Denis Doctor phone 983-832-9852
at Pasteur Labortorio Clinico

Rosente Police Chief in Bacalar phone 983-101-5836

Caesar Top Police Chief in Bacalar phone 983-138-2277



Thursday, January 13, 2011


"Real operators generally don't court uncalculated risk or crave the violence and horrific bloodshed of combat, but they are trained and prepared both mentally and physically to confront such circumstances when thrust upon them. In general, a real operator is quiet and unassuming, and prefers to avoid talk of his work with outsiders, whereas impostors most often seem incapable of talking about anything other than their imaginary superhuman accomplishments and fabricated heroic exploits.

In reality, they are insecure cowards craving undeserved respect and seeking to instill awe and fear in those they encounter, if for no other reason than to conceal their true cowardly nature and satisfy the coward's universal desire to be the object of hero worship.

Real heroes don't seek to be worshipped. They don't seek to be heroes in the first place."

(from the Veriseal site)
Study & learn Jack. The real deal doesn't post shrines to himself in a kitchen or brag and name drop. Certainly doesn't bring unwarranted or unnecessary attention to himself. Doesn't claim to be macho & yet have a checkered past that can be found out easily. Certainly a true hero doesn't give STD's out knowingly & hang around with transsexuals & have them living with him calling attention to his sexual preferences when he claims to be heterosexual, which he hasn't been for at least 12 years now. Also, doesn't con people, sell drugs or use them, or sell arms to make money to keep himself & his tranny hookers in the constant party mode. Never pays his debts, threatens people for no reason, loves to sue innocent people & never keeps his word & always lies. Nope, that is not a true hero. But that is the REAL Jack Idema. More to come.......


Monday, December 13, 2010

Rest in Peace Tinka

I knew he would do this to my cat. I have tried for 5 months to get Tinka back to the States. No one helped me. I guess giving me credit card debt, taking my belongings, ruining me financially, physically, mentally & emotionally wasn't enough. The non-stop harassing, bullying & stalking wasn't enough. He had to torture & kill my cat. It's time for the whole truth to come out. The following IM Skype message says it all. All I tried to do was walk away with everything I had left. I even quick deeded a building in my name for $10.00 measly dollars to get away. I was tired of all the evil & fraud.

[2:00:06 AM] You won't see me Monday, I walked away from it
[2:00:32 AM] That's why I wasn't there last time either
[2:02:56 AM] tfsaber: too bad, too sad, you are now a defendant....
[2:08:07 AM] tfsaber: lets see who wins.............
[2:09:23 AM] tfsaber: PS: the cat is dead...
[2:15:35 AM] I knew you would kill my cat. You hated me & he had to die.
[2:23:01 AM] That makes you the winner. Hope you feel good about yourself now.
[2:32:21 AM] Why did you kill Tinka? How? Did you at least bury him? When did he die?
[2:35:08 AM] Did he suffer? Please tell me.
[2:37:45 AM] Was it quick? Please tell me
[2:38:27 AM] Nina is she okay? How is she taking this?
[2:39:20 AM] Nina has to be devastated, she loved him. Please tell me
[2:40:53 AM] Please tell me what happened
[2:41:31 AM] Did you kill him? Or did he die from a disease or bloat? PLEASE TELL ME
[2:42:36 AM] I'm begging you to tell me when & how my cat died
[2:44:02 AM] Why won't you tell me? Please tell me
[2:44:55 AM] Did you bury or cremate him? PLEASE TELL ME
[2:48:05 AM] Why didn't you tell me when he died????????????????????
[2:48:41 AM] Maybe I could of at least talked to him on the phone before he passed over. Why didn't you let me know?
[2:50:08 AM] Why didn't you let me talk to him before it happened?
[2:52:11 AM] Please tell me how Tinka died & when please I'm begging you
[2:57:51 AM] This is omnipotent evil personified not even letting me know when my cat died & how you are the most toxic human being and I use the term loosely that ever existed you will go to hell for this you know. And not even answering me about how my cat died surpasses any other rotten thing you have ever done hands down. You can't even let me know how Tinka's life ended & you knew Tinka meant the world to me.
[2:59:01 AM] I thought you cared about animals at least I guess that's gone too
[2:59:41 AM] One more time---------I am begging you-------------when & how did Tinka die?
[3:11:30 AM] Please Please Please Please Please Please I am begging you tell me what happened to my cat? How did he die?


Anonymous said...
Only an evil person can take the life of a poor defenseless animal. That's right Jack (aka. Jonathon Jack Idema Black) or what ever name you call yourself these days. You are the scum of the earth. You have put my friend through hell and back for far too long. Your day will come and I can't wait to see it happen. You didn't even have the decency to visit your dad in the hospital when he sick. Lets not forget the funeral, I was there and so was Penny. Just remember the truth will set her free. I hope everyone finally knows what a vindictive, selfish, coward you are. We all have to meet our creator and I know I’m going to heaven. How about you? I think your going straight to HELL!! Tinka didn’t deserve to die. I hope you have the same fate that Tinka did.
Ronbo said...
COWARDLY AND DASTARDLY! My heart goes out to because I know this good little cat was like a child to you. Also, this is especially cruel due to your poor health. I'm sure Tinka sleeps tonight with the angels. I hope Jack Idema understands this act condemns him forever to the lowest levels of Hell. Your Friend, Ronbo


Monday, November 22, 2010



Jack Idema Mexican Charges

Idema, Keith
aka Idema, John Keith
aka Idema, Jonathan
aka "Jack"
aka Jack Black 08/2010


We Cannot Arrest the Ex Green Beret - Alor

Faux Command Vigilante Wanted In Mexico

MSNBC - Creepy Jack Idema

Wired Danger Room

Narco Blog

Mercenary Located in Bacalar

Denounced for Rape and Abuse

Former Green Beret Investigated for Domestic Violence in Bacalar

Rambo Barricaded in Bacalar

Enslaved by Rambo

Soulless Green Beret

More Niceties of the Green Beret

Rambo Slave with AIDS

Sunday, November 21, 2010


There comes a time in every man's life when he must a long and honest look at his life.

I will reflect this weekend on my many sins this weekend.

On Monday, November 22, 2010, I will make an honest and very public Internet confession to the world and Almighty God.

No doubt many will cry, "Say it ain't so, Jack!"

While others will punch one another in the ribs to shouts of, "I knew it all along!"

Am I a rogue, or am I a hero?

On Monday, I will confess every secret thing.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ex-soldier Jack Idema fights for building in court case

fayobserver,com ^ | November 16, 2010 | Paul Woolverton

Former Special Forces soldier Jonathan "Jack" Keith Idema, who made world headlines when he was sentenced to Afghan prison on torture charges in 2004, is doing battle in Cumberland County court.
The fight is over ownership of his former counterterrorism headquarters on Robeson Street in Fayetteville.
Court documents batting back-and-forth between Idema and the man trying to take the building, investigator and former bounty hunter Bill Hagler, make claims of fraud, theft and coercion, among others.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Thursday, November 18, 2010


To The Armchair Warriors:

What is this nonsense about me being, "A legend in my own mind?"


Sincerely, Black Jack Idema, who is doing the job against terrorism the Feds won't do.

P.S. Reports of my death my been greatly exaggerated.

November 18, 2010


To The Armchair Warriors:

What is this nonsense about me being, "A legend in my own mind?"


Sincerely, Black Jack Idema, who is doing the job against terrorism the Feds won't do.

P.S. Reports of my death my been greatly exaggerated.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Further (ALLEGED) Adventures of "Jack" Jonathan Keith Idema

Jonathan Keith Idema aka "Jack" Idema Barricaded in Bacalar Mexico - Drug dealer

Armed And Dangerous Fugitive "Jonathan Keith Idema" located and hiding in house in Bacalar Mexico. He is wanted by Raleigh North Carolina FBI, and for numerous legal judgements against him.

There is now a reward for his arrest and conviction. contact with booking number or proof of fugitive under your control. Idema is wanted by Mexican authorities as well.

While transporting and selling cocaine for the cartels he was also selling selling information on the local cartels.

Contact for law enforcement:

Detalles del servidor público

Dirección de la Policía Judicial Zona Sur
Procurador General de Justicia del Estado
Teléfono: 9838350050 #1201
Conmutador: 9838350050

Fax: 9838323174
Correo electrónico/Email:

Av. Adolfo López Mateos 500 esquina con Nápoles
Colonia Italia 77010

Ms. Lizbeth Loy Song Encalada
President Judge of the Superior Court of Justice and the Judicial Council.
Avenida Independencia No. 2, corner Bay Boulevard. CP 77 000
Colonia Centro. Chetumal, Quintana Roo
Phone: 01 (983) 8321000, 8327706, 21 157, 113 and 22 255 Ext 115
Fax: 01 (983) 8326488


DOB May 30, 1956

5' 9" 170 lbs white, long shoulder length hair and beard, wears prescription sunglasses

Convicted fraud felon and convicted kidnapper Jonathan Keith Idema aka Jack
"Idema" aka "Jack Black" has been arrested but released in Bacalar, Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo. He is currently fleeing from arrest warrants and judgements in the United States and is in Mexico illegally. He is currently hiding in his house to prevent arrest.

He was deported from Afghanistan after serving a jail term for kidnapping and torturing prisoners
He has also served jail time in the US for multiple counts of wire fraud. Currently he is the
advanced stage of HIV1 and HIV2 along with syphilis and is attracting
locals and tourists for unprotected sex with Mexican nationals using ads on internet gay cruising sites.

He is under investigation for kidnapping, battery, deliberate infection of HIV with intent to harm and attempted murder of his American girlfriend Penny Alessio.


Direct Contact:
0115219831037961 cell
011529838342904 house
910-338-0107 skype

Casablanca (Casa Arabi)
Costera 111 or 113
Bacalar, Quintaroo Roo 77930- CR – 77931

House is owned by Senator Hadad

Mexico legal contact for Victim

Procurador General de Justicia del Estado
Teléfono: 9838350050
Conmutador: 9838350050
Extensión: 1190
Fax: 9838323174







Skip London, North Carolina
Runs Walnut Hill Holdings as a front for Idema, provides funds,


AS OF LATE JULY 2010 IDEMA TRANSFERRED TO LAWYER GUILLERMO TORRES his M4 rifle, pistol, cocaine, pornography, hard drives from computers with evidence and tapes his lawyer is Torres based in Chetumal - Torres is current possession of illegal weapons and cocaine direct contact number: 983 105 3741


Bribery of local law enforcement
Sale of Cocaine to Mexican nationals for the Cappelini Cartel
Sale of Crack Cocaine to mexican nationals for the Cappelini Cartel
Possession and Use of Cocaine
Possession and Use of Heroin
Possession of one M-4 Semi Automatic military rifle
Possession of one Glock 9mm Pistol
Possession of one Smith and Wesson 45 handgun (purchased from Mexican national "Ceasar" in Bacalar in Jan 2009)
Smuggling of weapons into Mexico
Possession and creation of pornographic materials
Threats against life of others
Brandishing a loaded weapon
Unregistered boat
Currently in Mexico illegally Unregistered alien (US Passport holder)
Known to be infected with HIV and in advanced stages but continues to infect Mexican citizens with HIV and Syphillis


Current boyfriend is "Nancy" a 21 year old local transvestite prostitute who can be found working the highway


Released from Afghan Prison in June 2007
Illegal Entry into Afghanistan (2002)
Impersonating a Government Contractor (2002 - 2003)
Impersonating a CIA officer (2002 - 2003)
Assault Kabul, Afghanistan (2004)
Robbery Kabul, Afghanistan (2004)
Torture Kabul, Afghanistan (2004)
Impersonating a Police Officer (arrested Jan-2004)
Assault with a Deadly Weapon shot at unarmed Dallas Morning News reporter Tod Robberson in Kabul (20-Apr-2002, no charges filed)
Conspiracy (convicted 1994)
Wire Fraud 58 counts (convicted 1994)
Assault (North Carolina
Resisting Arrest (North Carolina)



Idema is featured in R.Y. Pelton's book Licensed to Kill and 60 Minutes with Dan Rather



Compañia Editorial del Sureste S.A. de C.V.
Calzada Tampico No. 615, Esq. Ignacio Comonford
Chetumal, Quintana Roo, México. C.P. 77018
(983)-83-2-45-85 al 89
Novedades de Quintana Roo
Oficinas: Pecari No. 37 SM 20 M6 Ret 2 Col. Centro
Cancún, Quintana Roo
C.P. 77500
Tel: 8815900, 8815959

Doctor’s brother who diagnosed Idema with HIV

Juan 983 117 6474
Laboratorio del Centro
Bacalar 834-2836
Test taken on Jan. 18, 2010


Han (partners in the boat business)

983 834 2336
Última edición por justicio; 21/08/2010 a las 11:57 Razón: mas informacion


Convicted Torturer, Vigilante in Mexican Stand-Off

The world’s most notorious pseudo commando and self-appointed terrorist interrogator has resurfaced in Mexico, where he’s locked in a standoff with police in the state of Quintana Roo.
According to local press reports, Idema is holed up in his home in the town of Bacalar. Police officers are outside, waiting to question him after a visitor to the house accused Idema of “rape and deprivation of personal liberty.” Exactly how Idema got to Mexico, or what he was doing there, wasn’t immediately clear from the media accounts.
This wouldn’t be the first time cops sought to question Idema.
Years before Gary Brookes Faulkner went hunting for Osama Bin Laden with a sword, Johnathan Idema decided to wage his own personal war on Al Qaeda. But while Faulkner was really only a danger to himself, Idema was an utter poison to many around him. In 2004, Idema was convicted in Afghanistan of running a his own personal prison. (Above is a video of one of the interrogations, released by Al Qaeda in 2008 as an anti-American propaganda tool.)
Three prisoners found in Idema’s custody during the raid were blindfolded and beaten and strapped to the ceiling by their feet,” New York magazine recounts. “Five others were tied to chairs with rope in a small, dark room down a hall that was littered with bloodied clothing.”
That was Idema’s second conviction, at least. In 1994, Idema, then a salesman of military clothing and equipment, was convicted of defrauding 60 companies out of more than $200,000.
Idema first arrived in Afghanistan in November 2001 to do what he claimed was “humanitarian relief” work. According to a former associate, Idema confessed that his real desire was “to kill every fucking Afghan I see.”
Idema portrayed himself as a badass Special Forces frontline operator (actually, records show he was more of a supply guy). He boasted ties with top generals in the U.S. military (remarkably, they didn’t exactly high-five Idema in public). He served as a consultant to media organizations like CBS News, and set up a small, self-styled anti-terror squad, “Task Force Saber 7.”
The Pentagon later acknowledged that it had contact with Idema, but said it rejected his offer to help capture terrorist suspects. (Check out Robert Young Pelton’s Licensed to Kill for more on this character.)
In 2007, Idema was granted a pardon by Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai and returned to the United States. Then, he seemed to drop off of the map. For a while. But he always seems to turn back up.
See Also: